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19- Bio-Dome


This 1996 Gross out/Comedy starring Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin fulfills both genre promises, but it’s still terrible. We learn a valuable lesson about the consequences of ecological responsibility, the importance of sexual boundaries, and respect for the dead. 23 more words


Men of OKC: Gross out

Let’s be honest here. Sometimes internet dating is exhausting. Sometimes life is exhausting. Sometimes when you’re trying to internet date when you’re living your life, the exhaustion gets to you and you just start fucking with people. 722 more words


Kinky and Stinky

Reykjavik, Iceland.

Our final half-day wraps up with the uncanny side of Iceland.

The day starts off normally with a hearty breakfast and hotel check-out. A brief drive takes us back to Solfar, radiant in daylight and enshrouded by psychedelically concentric clouds above. 470 more words


Society (1989)

In the UK only 7% of the general populace are privately educated, yet 50% of seats in the Houses of Parliament are taken up by the former Eton mess, which doesn’t really feel like a fair representation of our nation now does it? 560 more words