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I told my cousin that my life felt like Groundhog Day.

Apparently, he was quite offended and he proceeded to reprimand me, continuing to explain how the movie was a masterpiece and an epic film. 29 more words

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How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

The woodchuck–which also goes by the name of groundhog, whistle-pig, and marmota monax–is ubiquitous in popular culture, celebrated on February 2nd in the United States and Canada (Groundhog Day) and made famous by the movie sharing the holiday’s namesake. 719 more words


From the Top: The Story

It was a sunny day, with the flowers blooming and the birds singing. A generic introduction for a story, as one may say, but an introduction nevertheless.


Edge of Tomorrow

This review first appeared in the Sunday Star-Times, 8th June 2014

Tom Cruise dies. Tom Cruise dies over and over again. Tom Cruise dies over and over again while taking each new opportunity at life to fight an alien invasion. 490 more words

Film Comment

12 Days of Christmas Eve (Review)

I review 12 Days of Christmas Eve from 2004, mostly comparing it to Groundhog Day.

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Download it (right-click and choose “Save As…”): 12 Days of Christmas Eve


Groundhog Day

Ever watch the Bill Murray Classic Groundhog Day? Ever feel like you’re caught in that movie? Well I do! Life.can.be.so.monotonous. Get up, get dressed, go to work, come home, make dinner, get kids ready for bed, have the same arguments with them every night. 200 more words


Edge of Tomorrow

It’s refreshing to see a summer blockbuster centred around a hapless protagonist. It’s also nice to have Tom Cruise in a movie where he’s clumsy, cowardly, and ineffective – or in other words – not Tom Cruise. 442 more words

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