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The mind / body dualism of 'Edge of Tomorrow'

This weekend, I watched the movie, ‘Edge of Tomorrow‘, also known as ‘Live. Die. Repeat.’  It’s the latest in a common motif in science fiction and fantasy, the time loop story, where the hero repeats the same events over and over until they find a way to break out.   1,009 more words


#IfICouldTimeTravel: What would YOU do? - The 4 Things We Love About Time-Loop Movies

If you could live one moment in your past again, what would it be? Share your idea using the hastag #IfICouldTimeTravel and tag us @MovieMasticator… 395 more words


Edge of Tomorrow

Viewed – 21 October 2014 Blu-ray

There’s something about Tom Cruise’s latest foray into blockbuster territory that feels like it’s late to the party. Mech-suits – didn’t Avatar or Elysium do this already? 379 more words


Three For Bill Murray (2014)

1. Ghostbusters.
2. Meatballs.
3. Groundhog Day.
SNL scene-
The Jungle Book in 2015.


Edge of Tomorrow - DVD Review 4.5/5 stars

Live Die Repeat was a great film.  Too bad it was named Edge of Tomorrow.  Somehow that didn’t seem like an important thing to really stress on the DVD cover though.  764 more words

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The Benefit of a Bad Memory

Good Morning DearHearts,

Most mornings I stop by the neighborhood Dunkin Donuts on my way to work. Usually the same tall young man is behind the counter to take my order. 428 more words

A Course In Miracles

Groundhog Day

Kan I huske den der film fra 90’erne med Bill Murray, der prøver at score Andy MacDowell igen og igen og igen, fordi den samme dag bliver ved med at gentage sig indtil han holder op med at være et fjols? 1,035 more words