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The Future of the Groundswell

Ubiquitous – present, appearing, and found everywhere.

The key ingredient for groundswell ubiquity is participation – from people and companies. This is growing rapidly. Within a few years a company that does not engage in groundswell activity will look dated. 270 more words


The Future of the Groundswell

Good afternoon everyone! The day has come; I am here to discuss chapter 12 of the groundswell, and it is the final chapter of a great read. 524 more words

The Groundswell Inside Your Company...

Groundswell can be used within a company in order to improve communication with your employees. The same trends that empower customers in the groundswell also applies to employees in a company. 373 more words

Inside the Company

I particularly enjoyed chapter 12 because it talked about valuing employees and the difference they can make. I always considered social media as informal, but really these forms of communication: wikis, Twitter, Facebook have become the norm and has worked well specifically for Best Buy. 455 more words

Tweet with Twitter

L’Oreal Paris Canada has a following of 18,800 people and does a great job of retweeting customers and responding to questions that are asked on Twitter! 226 more words

Energizing the Groundswell...

Similarly to how political candidates get their supporters pumped up and spreading the word, it’s the same with companies and their customers. Energizing the groundswell means finding your most enthusiastic customers and allowing them to spread the value of the brand through word to mouth. 232 more words

Energize the groundwell

          For this week discussion, we’ll be going through chapter 7 of the book focused mainly on energizing the groundswell and your customers.

Source: http://www.forestviewchurch.ca/energize/

          We talked about energizing customers a couple weeks ago on the topic of “Strategies for groundswell” and you can find that… 886 more words

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