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Groundswell, Olana Hudson, NY

Another weekend upstate- this time with two events to attend and autumn weather to match the atmospheric music.


Social Media and PR Strategies: Week 2


Give yourselves a round of applause. First of all, we had perfect attendance in class yesterday! That’s not easy to do so I thank you all for showing up. 419 more words

You’ll Never Plow a Field by Turning It Over in Your Mind

The old Irish proverb about taking action by plow could be updated to read “you’ll never start a groundswell without pressing the forward button.”  Technology gives society the capability to disseminate information faster and on a broader scale than ever according to Clay Shirky in his book Here Comes Everybody, 823 more words

Clay Shirky

Social Media Is A Conversation.

Social media is a conversation, and not just one it’s many at once. This is one of the many things we learned during our first day of Social Media/PR Strategies. 182 more words


Groundswell Ch. 1-5

One of the consistent themes in Groundswell is the idea that the balance of power is shifting to the people. More importantly, the power is shifting to a public that is intelligent and tired of traditional institutions having the advantage. 430 more words

Social Media

Next Week's Blog Post

For next week’s post, I would like you to reflect critically on the Goundswell (Li & Bernoff, 2011) readings you’ve completed thus far. Reflect on the first 5 chapters of this book. 75 more words


PR Strategies: Week 1


So nice to meet all of you in class on Wednesday. I’m excited about the time we’ll be spending together this semester. As promised, I’m attaching the syllabus (which includes the assignment guide) and also the Power Point from week one. 200 more words