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The groundswell, inside.

Over the course of the last 2 months, we’ve been focused on social media marketing and how it relates to new and/or independent artists in the music industry. 568 more words


3 ways to calculate social media ROI.

When a company looks at ROI (Return On Investment) from a traditional marketing campaign, it usually comes in the form of dollars and cents. Companies that have “marketing campaigns” also tend to have things like “a budget”. 551 more words


The Loop Loft - energizing the groundswell

As a maker of music, there are many times I’ve found myself drifting towards the great sounds of live drum loops, rather than just kick and snare shots. 688 more words


It all starts from within

Chapter 12 of groundswell has been the most interesting of the chapters I have read so far. It is also the last chapter on this social journey……for now. 528 more words

Internal Company Groundswell

The power of social media isn’t only useful for companies to interact with their customers, it can also be used for companies to interact with their own employees, in order to reinforce the common goal of company success in all of them. 303 more words


From the Inside Out!

What’s the MOST important part of a business?



Sustainability for the long run to ensure a bright future for everyone?

Sure, all of the above… 459 more words


The Groundswell inside Your Company

We have learned how companies can connect with customers in the groundswell. What about employees? In fact, the groundswell also exists inside companies.  If a company wants to run its business faster and smarter, it needs to consider the power of the groundswell regarding have the best interests of the company in mind (Li & Bernoff, 2011, p. 382 more words

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