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In Review: Groundswell Chapter 7

What is energizing the groundswell anyway? “Energizing the groundswell means tapping into the power of word of mouth by connecting with, and turning on, your most committed customers…” (p. 896 more words

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Tapping the groundswell with twitter

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a very powerful social tool; it is a public platform that helps individuals, businesses and organizations stay connected to their stakeholders. 670 more words

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Helping the groundswell support itself

Li & Bernoff discussed how organizations could assist the groundswell support itself. They also described a case of a couple having an emergency situation and how they were struggling to communicate with their loved ones. 399 more words

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In Review: Groundswell Chapter 10

Chapter ten touches on how to tap the groundswell by using social networking site Twitter. The chapter opens with a relatable example of how a child’s meltdown led to venting parental frustration on Twitter. 884 more words

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Tweet a little Tweet on Twitter

This blog is a response to chapter 10 of the groundswell textbook called “tapping the groundswell with twitter” for my MARK4474 course.

Like the title says – tweet a little tweet on Twitter! 554 more words

Are you Listening to the Groundswell?

Listening is one of the neglected skills in the business today (Bernoff & Li, 2011, p. 93). Listening to the groundswell let you know what your customers want and how they are interacting with the competitors. 346 more words

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Assignment #8: Energizing the Groundswell

According to the Groundswell: winning in a world transformed by social technologies by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff; An energized customer can act as a viral marketer for organizations by exposing the brand to more people both online and word of mouth.   339 more words

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