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Tips For Introducing Groundswell Into Your Company

After weeks of telling you about Groundswell and its ideas, I am finally going to help you implement it in your company. First off, to recap what  565 more words

How connecting with the Groundswell transforms your company

The above video expressed that many companies manage their business by focusing on their product quality and internal management instead of communicate with customers. This might cause businesses failing. 554 more words


Transform Your Company with the Groundswell

Do you think your company can transform by connecting with the groundswell?

Engaging with the groundswell helps companies go through a “mental shift” (Li & Bernoff, 2011, pg. 479 more words

Weekly Post

Can You Hear Me Now?

In our day and age of information overload, and online connectivity, we have so much coming at us all the time that it has forced us to only hear things that really jump out at us. 837 more words

Embracing the Groundswell

Embracing change isn’t easy. New ideas can be perceived as threats and shunned because of what they could be. When it comes to the groundswell, people can be difficult to convince but the opportunity for success makes it worthwhile to fight for. 318 more words


Listening - a two way street?

In the fifth chapter of the Groundswell,  Li and Bernoff discuss the importance of organizations being able to listen to their target market and adjust their brand strategies accordingly.   619 more words


Metrics, Analytics, and Why they Matter

This week’s readings focused on how to figure out what the chatter about your brand actually means. More importantly, these readings try to sort out the kind of talk that matters from the overwhelming noise social media can provide.  410 more words

Social Media