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Response to The Real Thing

Tracy Lightcap wrote a great comment on The Real Thing. I’ll respond here. He raises three important points about skill development:

  1. When students are working in teams on a collaborative project, often their first instinct is to separate the project into discrete tasks and assign responsibility for the completion of each task to a different each team member.
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Here comes APSA TLC 2015!

This blog was born out of a slightly-drunken conversation at the American Political Science Association’s Teaching and Learning Conference in Albuquerque, back in 2011. As such, TLC has a special place in the hearts of ALPSblog members, especially because the professors among us are so generous with buying us a fancy dinner . 154 more words

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Smells Like Team Spirit

I was recently directed to the Team-Based Learning™ Collaborative (TBLC).* Membership in the TBLC costs money, but its website contains a lot of useful information. There are five components of Team-Based Learning™: 220 more words

Chad Raymond

Moving On Up Again to the Projects

Two months ago, I described the worksheets that I used for project-based learning in two of my spring courses as a mixed experience. In the spirit of experimentation, I’ve reformulated three worksheets for use in a fall course. 275 more words

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