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Conferences as a hotbed of radical thinking

I like academic conferences. I like meeting old friends and acquaintances, the making of new contacts, the banter and the chatter, the overheard conversations of people who forget where they are and who might be listening, the discovery of even more areas of academic endeavour that you’re not interested in and (less frequently) that you are interested in. 743 more words

Simon Usherwood

We have had strong ideas of where our project is heading since the beginning, how to represent and express the hidden emotions and unspoken/unwritten social expectations of the people who live within a city. 84 more words


Stranger in the City - Group Collaboration

On our second meeting discussing the project, our ideas moved slightly away from the atmosphere of the city into the social behaviours of the people that inhabit it. 68 more words


Field Module

All the different course in the University, were put into group to begin our new projects, concerning the hidden city. These groups were completely random, my group consisting of me, a fine artist, an illustrator, and a graphic designer. 114 more words


Is the way to student satisfaction through student knowledge?

In recent weeks, I’ve been spending quite a lot of time discussing student satisfaction. In the British system, this somewhat nebulous concept has acquired a central position, as part of the wider marketisation of higher education. 658 more words

Simon Usherwood