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Stay or Go? Challenging the Gender Binary

In the post entitled Should We Stay or Should We Go? I began exploring the identities of groups of people and the tactics that individuals within groups use when they differ in some way from the group’s identity. 865 more words


Palestine: An Elementary Exploration of a Sunnah-based Solution

The Palestine-Israel conflict stems back to the late 19th century when the Zionist movement began an aggressive campaign to control the Palestinian lands and establish a wholly Jewish state (Jews for Justice in the Middle East, n.d.). 3,027 more words

Passing Thoughts on Islamic Nationalism


The Quran sets forth Islamic rule as a precondition for the attainment of true faith (see Quran 4:65).  In response to this verse, Qutb (n.d.) stated that “only this is Islam, and only this is Dar-ul-Islam -not the soil, not the race, not the lineage, not the tribe, and not the family.” This clear and concise rejection of social groupings leaves the Muslims with only one option with which to organize collectively: Islam. 7,512 more words