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Palestine: An Elementary Exploration of a Sunnah-based Solution

The Palestine-Israel conflict stems back to the late 19th century when the Zionist movement began an aggressive campaign to control the Palestinian lands and establish a wholly Jewish state (Jews for Justice in the Middle East, n.d.). 3,027 more words

Passing Thoughts on Islamic Nationalism


The Quran sets forth Islamic rule as a precondition for the attainment of true faith (see Quran 4:65).  In response to this verse, Qutb (n.d.) stated that “only this is Islam, and only this is Dar-ul-Islam -not the soil, not the race, not the lineage, not the tribe, and not the family.” This clear and concise rejection of social groupings leaves the Muslims with only one option with which to organize collectively: Islam. 7,512 more words

In-groups, out-groups and the Other

By Gordon Rugg

This article is a quick overview of some long-established and useful concepts from sociology and related fields.

It’s mainly intended as background for another article that I’ll be posting soon, about how most systems treat people who don’t fit neatly into pre-established pigeonholes. 1,524 more words

Useful Concepts

Living your guilt in comfort

Sometimes we get ourselves naively messed up in group identity then after we find a philosophy to live our mess.


Identity Politics: Killing Sanity

There are few things worse than identity politics.  I say this as someone who believes in an anti-political philosophy known as “Market Anarchism” or “Voluntaryism” or “Anarcho-Capitalism”, which are all forms of identity.   1,612 more words


Cherry Popping for Men

Yesterday I refereed a men’s cherry popper bout in Coventry. I don’t know exactly how often they happen, but it was the first men’s cherry popper (i.e. 447 more words

Roller Derby

12/6/14 - Group Identity

It’s funny how people who don’t want to conform to the norm end up conforming to something else, the alternative group, in exactly the same way. 127 more words