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Project 2 #2 Trish Morrissey (cont.)

In Trish Morrissey’s series ‘The Failed Realist’:

the proposed object of enquiry is (once again) situated within family life but what is met through these photographs of face-paintings is not entirely straightforward (Hanrahan, 2012). 651 more words


Project 2 #2 Trish Morrissey

Among a list of the 10 best self-portraits as chosen by a prominent critic in 2013 is ‘Hayley Coles, June 17th, 2006’ by Trish Morrissey (see fig.1.). 964 more words


Project 2 #1 Nikki S. Lee

It could be argued that ‘all self-portraiture uses elements of impersonation, invention, mimicry or masquerade’, and that the purpose of using such elements is ‘to comment on humanist ideas of a fixed identity, illustrating how malleable the self can be (Bright, 2010: 10). 1,178 more words


Vive la Tim Hortons...

I was at a recent meeting with some new immigrants to Canada, and at one point I was asked, “what does it mean to be “Canadian”?” 631 more words


Collectivism as masking agent

I was saddened by the news about the Charlie Hebdo shooting. I believe much of the analysis misses the mark. It comes from an overly collectivist mindset, clouding what is really going on. 250 more words