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Make Some History

Elsy started a new historical fiction group project by setting up a mysterious situation. Who knows what’s going to happen next? Maybe you. Sure, why not? 15 more words

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Building Characters, Setting Moods & Adding to Group Projects

This clip art is what I imagine Neve looks like when she’s writing – I have no idea what she really looks like but I’m betting she attacks her computer like this. 213 more words

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Can you sympathize with a HOMEWRECKER?

(Yvonne DeCarlo as Anna DundeeĀ  in Criss Cross, 1949)

1. Rhetoric (Speech asking for leniency in sentencing convicted bad guy):

SPEECH (text)

SPEECH (video) 51 more words

Group Projects

Can you sympathize with a DRUG LORD?

(Idris Elba and as Stringer Bell and Micheal Hyatt as Brianna Barksdale in The Wire, 2002-2008)

1. Rhetoric (Speech asking for leniency in sentencing convicted drug lord): 53 more words

Group Projects

It's been awhile...

Purplepheonix, one of the very first to share his stories on All Write with Me, showed up yesterday to continue the first Adventure story in Group Projects. 11 more words

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Add to the Adventure

Anonymous started a new adventure under Group Projects~Stories. Click on Adventure #3, read the beginning, then decide what happens next. Remember, anyone can continue group projects stories. 6 more words

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Wings + Group Projects



Group Projects
So I’m working on a project with one of my friends and one of her friends. And her friend that I just met, is never working on our project during our meetings. 64 more words