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An MBA Consulting Experience

Katz Students Address $200M Opportunity for PPG Industries


Consulting is an extremely hard field. You never know what project you are going to get and what clients you will have to deal with. 2,441 more words


Mousetrap Car Debrief

Earlier this month I wrote about my high school freshman’s physics assignment. Here is the sum total of what my child learned from the mousetrap car assignment: Nothing. 483 more words


College Problems Podcast #7: Group projects & dating violence

Sexual violence and messy roommates. Unpaid internships and underbutt shortsRacial microaggressions and the Freshman 15.

College life is filled with an unending stream of serious issues, lighthearted frustrations, significant events and viral trends. 460 more words

College Living

Strategies for designing group projects

by Tianduo Zhang
Ph.D. student, University of Florida

Group projects can be an extremely helpful tool for instruction. Group projects allow students to work on complex projects, get work done faster, learn communication and collaboration, and become familiar with the real-world working environment that requires teamwork. 831 more words

Mass Communication Teaching (MMC 6930)

Finals are not forever

It is the week just after finals for me, and today the most productive thing I did was go wedding dress shopping with my best friend – but that isn’t the point here. 374 more words


Week 6- Team Work

“work done by persons working as a team, i.e. with concerted effort” (Simpson, 2014).

Although I have worked as a part of a sports team, I find team-work in education quite difficult. 166 more words