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A New (Old) and Improved Group Selection Theory

This is a passage from The Psychology of the Masses:

The Herd Instinct

Wilfred Trotter (1916/1919) wrote after Gustave Le Bon and Boris Sidis did, and he cites their work. 3,755 more words

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Group Selection (Multi-level Selection)

This is an evolutionary theory of social behavior that I think describes the facts better than alternative theories. It’s still a minority view, however, the more popular view being… 227 more words

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Regarding The Psychology of the Masses

It’s been a little more than a year since I finished writing it, so there has been time for my views to change. I agree with nearly everything I said, but there have been a few changes since then. 261 more words

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How to derive altruism from group selection

Origins of altruism: why Hamilton still rules 50 years on

Fifty years ago this month, evolutionary biologist William Donald Hamilton published a solution to one of biology’s most enduring mysteries: why does altruism exist? 123 more words

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