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The beauty of self interest

In my review of E.O. Wilson’s The Social Conquest of Earth, I quoted this passage which captures Wilson’s conception of the origin of cooperation in humans. 222 more words


E.O. Wilson's The Social Conquest of Earth

The re-eruption of the war of words between E.O. Wilson and Richard Dawkins has occurred just as I have come around to reading Wilson’s 2012 book… 2,231 more words


The problem of multilevel selection

In the chapter about selection of my book, I wrote a draft on what would be the unit of selection in the selective process, namely, what biological entity has its frequency increased because of selective processes. 1,421 more words


spiders from mars?

there were a handful of science news stories out this past week about how a couple of researchers reportedly discovered a case of “group selection” in certain spiders ( 1,845 more words

Biology 101

The Meaning of Human Existence

Edward O. Wilson

If you’ve read both Consilience and The Social Conquest of Earth, you won’t find many new ideas in Wilson’s latest collection of essays. 765 more words