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Convo @ Linkedin Group: Theoretical Physics

René Gastelumendi Dargent asked:

a) Does in the Universe (or in mind) exist at least two things that are 100% different? b) Can the “Set of all things that are not similar” exist? 171 more words


Basic Algebra - Some Group Theory Theorems

So, now that we’ve seen some of the basic notation, I’m going to introduce some of my favourite group theory theorems.

I’m going to start with the obvious: The… 410 more words


A short remark concerning pedagogy and group homomorphisms

Imagine you are sitting in your first course in abstract algebra. In the last few classes, your instructor has introduced the notion of a group, proved some basic propositions about them, and motivated the group concept with a variety of examples. 564 more words

The Sylow Theorms - 1

The Sylow Theorems are way more complicated than anything that comes before them in the book A Course in Group Theory. I will need more time to digest the actual proofs. 286 more words


Permutations as a group

Today I learnt about permutations in group theory from the introductory book A Course in Group Theory by Humphreys.

Several things were confusing at first. 466 more words

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