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Permutations as a group

Today I learnt about permutations in group theory from the introductory book A Course in Group Theory by Humphreys.

Several things were confusing at first. 466 more words



The following link is a set of notes explaining the idea of a subgroup and an important family of subgroups that will enable you to have a better understanding of the structure of a group. 37 more words

Group Theory

Symmetry for Big Kids: The Dihedral Group

Continuing my studies in group theory, I decided to divulge here one of my *favorite* simple groups, the dihedral group. This group intrigues me simply because… 510 more words


WTF Math, Part 3: The Baby Monster Group and Monstrous Moonshine

TL;DR Group theory is a really, really funny branch of math which has a group called the baby monster group that lives in an unrealistically large number of dimensions. 538 more words


WTF Math, Part 2: Tits Buildings, Apartments, and Chambers

Following the hilariously real concept of sexy primes which we talked about last time, I decided to expand our range of funny math jargon from number theory to… 484 more words


An Introduction to Groups

In this post I will try to explain briefly what a group is in mathematics. A group is a set of elements, together with a  482 more words