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The Group Design Process

Huddled over the table in the cold breeze, triumphing over adversity and designer’s block, we worked. Ferverishly. Nail the brief-writing, itemise the required services… re-design the building. 58 more words


What is Embodiment # 32: Group Enlightenment

A common idea is that Enlightenment comes from an Enlightenment Teacher even though Enlightenment rarely, if ever, happens that way.

An Enlightenment Teacher is a finger pointing at the moon. 73 more words

Stretch and Challenge in Group Tasks: How can we stretch the stronger learners?

When I teach and train groups or observe lessons, I am more and more aware of the challenge of stretching stronger learners within group tasks. Stronger learners are often allocated the role of supporting others, peer teaching etc, which consolidates their learning but doesn’t necessarily develop it further. 740 more words

Advanced Practitioners


Welcome to a podcast where we scrutinise the consumption habits of people consuming Asian media. Be it twits tweeting about If You Are The One or complete noobs playing Pokemon hacks, we will be there to make fun of them. 65 more words

Working in groups

A group is where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

So what did Tuckman (1965) say about group development?

How do the ideas of… 151 more words

Watch This

Musical Room Open to All Students

This week I learned a lot more about the principals of UDL (Universal Design for Learning). UDL is all about adapting your classroom for all learners to ensure every student gets a fair opportunity to learn. 929 more words

Mapping Student Interaction with Pop Culture

By contributer Jackie Sizemore

Pop culture. It’s on the tip of many teacher’s tongues, but not all of us feel comfortable or qualified to bring it into the classroom. 558 more words