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The Wounded

Another picture coming from my series of restaurated negative glass plates (see my yesterday’s post). As written by my friend Mike Brubaker, these pictures may have been taken in an army’s hospital. 13 more words



It was mine and Danielle’s role to edit the film, We had a few problems with deadlines for the footage which meant we have less time to  put the story together. 423 more words

ARD406 Creative Futures 1.

The end of the tunnel. pt1

It has taken a long time to get here but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. What am I talking about? 269 more words

Configuring Maven to Use Single Nexus Group

If you are adopting Nexus for internal development you should configure a single Nexus group which contains both releases and snapshots. To do this, add snapshot repositories to your public group, and add the following mirror configuration to your Ma…

The nurse, the nun and the soldiers

I had bought some years ago several negatives on glass plates on eBay; these ones were in bad state and borrowed to my neighbour, who’s a photographer. 74 more words


Selamat Datang

Selamat Datang

Dunia membutuhkan orang-orang pintar dan berprestasi dengan menjalankan rumus 4 K :

  • Kerja Keras
  • Kerja Cerdas
  • Kerja Ikhlas
  • Kerja Sama

Adakalanya Kebahagiaan dan Kesuksesan Butuh Pengorbanan… 11 more words


[Moketa] Scramble Girls Ch.3 (English)

Here is the final chapter of Scramble Girls, commission courtesy of Hihohahi! All three chapters can now be found here: g.e-hentai.org
Translation: Kenren(Me)
Typesetting: Hihohahi