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Culture beats Strategy

Peter Drucker, the famous management and business consultant, is attributed with saying, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Let that sink in for just a minute. It is a simple, yet powerful thought. 292 more words


Is there any saving "the meeting?" Well, maybe!

Yes, they are a pain. But John Cleese is right: colleges (from the department level to the committee level), like any organizations, can’t function without them.   1,640 more words

Productivity Tips And Resources

Amritsar. 10 years ago.

I was barely 12 when I made the trip to Amritsar and Wagah border.

This was my first travel without family, a bunch of insane 12 year olds with just one teacher we were 35 of us and against all odds managed to have a fabulous time. 1,320 more words


Quiet contemplation. Its truly unique to listen, and listen, and listen. Have you ever sat in a room filled with people and just listened? Without interacting with others, just listening-can be so insightful. 76 more words

Mental Health

The Art of Pasta

I’ve said it before, Jefferson Park Chicago hold’s very few eateries that keep up with the high standards of Chicago. But nestled on Milwaukee Ave. is an establishment that would prove me wrong. 86 more words


Managing Groups of Learners

One of Blackboards administrative strengths is its ability to set up and manage groups. If you had say 500 students on a Blackboard course, you could set up the Group Manager to create 50 groups of ten learners to work together on an activity. 133 more words

Virtual Learning Environment