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Nitânis e wîci-natawihlewemit

Takwâkin. Nâspic mâka ni milwelihten anohc e wîcewit nitânis e nânatawihlewepaliyân. Niyânânewipiponwesiw nitânis. Ewako ni nîštamôšân. Nit ayamihitonân mekwâc e papâmipaliyâhk. Milwelihtâkwan nešta e wâseskwanišiyâhk. 287 more words



From the Hamlets
to the have-nots they come to feast
on the early seasons’ breeding;
beaten into breaking cover,
tradition, vague as the mist,
is lip service for the brochure; 60 more words


A Hunt Years in the Making

In a little over a month I will leave the house, bow and quiver in hand, and make my way into the hills above Carey, Idaho. 706 more words


In The Woods

Today I’ll be the black bear
Perhaps tomorrow a sweet young doe
Or as chance may choose, a slyly fox amoungst raspberry thorns
A grouse picking insects from the soil… 91 more words


Just taking in the sights …

Seney National Wildlife Refuge

Seney, Michigan


End of Year

Well, that was Year 5. What an amazing Year it was. There won’t be a Grouse class in Year 5 next year (the Year 5 class will be called Partridge), so you really were one of a kind. 75 more words