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You Don't Really Hate Mondays

“Can I take a moment to say something insightful,” my daughter asked me as I drove her to school today.

I paused. “OK. What have you got?” 169 more words


September 9 in history:

“United States” was chosen as the official name of the 13 American colonies by the Continental Congress on September 9th, 1776. The newly-independent nation had been known as the “United Colonies” before that. 129 more words

Today In History

Grover Cleveland--rapist bully?!

This article is appalling. It outlines a story of date rape, aggression, child abandonment, and political bullying perpetrated by one of our nation’s presidents. The story was aired and well-documented before his election. 78 more words

Child Advocacy

Happy Labor Day Everybody!


This is the day Grover Cleveland signed Labor Day into law to celebrate the Labor Movement in its efforts to price American businesses out of the market and ship industries and jobs overseas. 323 more words

Barack Obama

today's holiday: Labor Day

Labor Day

The first Labor Day observance in 1882 was confined to New York City. Oregon, in 1887, was the first state to make it a legal holiday, and, in 1894, President… 69 more words

LABOR DAY (from Wikipedia)


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Labor Day in the United States is a holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September. It is a celebration of the… 426 more words

Labor Day - Not Working for Workers

Ah, Americans. Celebrators of the three-day weekend. Masters of the infamous paid time off. Is it really a shocker that we invented Labor Day? Nah. But we certainly weren’t the first. 480 more words