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Garden Quest 2015 #001 - Indoor seed starting math

My “garden quest” series tailed off in 2014 and I failed to provide any sort of final verdict on the year. This year I will try to be more diligent about my experiments, successes, and failures in the garden. 695 more words


Tripod And Grow Lights - The Beginning of the Garden!

Light Bulb On

Tripod Setup, Bulb Off

Light Bulb Box

This year, we’re trying to make our garden really good and we also want an extra early start, so our mom is getting products for our soil to be used a bit later (urea, potash, bone meal, and vermiculite for example) as well as supplies for starting plants inside. 414 more words


Gardening to the Rescue!

Oh, wow, you guys. Guys. Oh my gosh. Wow.

So, I bought a grow light today, so I could tend to my indoor plants better. I have a mix of succulents, an aloe plant, and some bamboo that have not been getting the proper light exposure (our bedroom, which is the one place where the cats won’t get to the plants, does not offer a lot of light), and for good measure I started an avocado pit today, too (I used to have a decent-sized avocado plant when I lived with my mother, but it died when I went to Japan). 104 more words

How to Hang a Grow Light

There are many ways to hang grow lights and several products designed to raise and lower them conveniently.

To hang a light in a room with a drywall ceiling you will need to either use hooks with drywall anchors or screw something into the ceiling joists to attach lights to. 454 more words


How to Hang a Reflector

If you are starting to set up a grow room, then you need to be working with a light system. Your light system can be stationary or several stationary lights or you can use a moving system with your lights attached to a track system. 221 more words

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