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"Poem for K"

“Poem for K”

He’s a pathological liar
A little boy desperate for attention
For acceptance
The stories he tells
Bigger than the widest Texas sky… 185 more words

You disgust me.

Anyone who knows me closely knows how much I absolutely despise men who don’t father their children. Be it abandonment, lack of involvement, etc., if you do not parent you’re child the way they deserve to be treated than I want to personally punch you. 549 more words

A Day To Remember

Wow I Sure Am Lazy

It’s been months, at least 2, or probably 3 since I’ve written in this blog. Laziness, or more likely procrastination, has always been a trait in me, and in most people of this universe that is hard to change. 200 more words



“There can never be anything between us. You tried to talk to one of my friends before.”

Every single day, at least 321 poor male souls have to hear these words uttered from some girl he was all but sure was going to let him beat. 382 more words



Have you ever just felt so many emotions at once that it’s overwhelming? They just become too much and all you want to do is turn them off? 206 more words


Three That Some Adults Do (2014)

1. Work.
2. Play.
3. Throw tantrums.
To counter their dismay-
In a temporary childlike way.


Shouldn't play this song on December 12.

Giờ thì 13 rồi nhe :3

12/12 năm trước thi Dược liệu (thì phải).

12/12 năm trước nghe bài này cả đêm.

12/12 năm trước về cơ bản là vui, sau này nghĩ lại thì là ngu. 141 more words