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5 days

Soooo… It’s my birthday again soon a.k.a. my fat weekend. Non stop eating and lying around– actually when I think about it, that’s already normal for me. 123 more words


I Just Thought Of A Really Good Metaphor: "Change"

She watched him pull out a dinged up can from his drawer and dump the contents out onto his desk: a few crinkled bills and scraps of paper, but mostly just a shower of coins. 223 more words

Verbal Daydreaming

Little games now an again, obviously not as happy in that new relationship,

Say something don’t just do little things , but of course maybe that’s part of the game , guess over thinking got me a little angry tonight . Just sick of it .


Who do I want to be when I grow up?

I want to be confident, happy, loving, grateful, funny, energetic, faithful and independent.

I want to be the woman that walks into a room with confidence and not be concerned with what others think of her. 423 more words

I grew up.

Between the walls of their houses,
Their hearts met.
Between the lunches every weekend,
Their hands felt,
An end to being no friend,
Hoping her hold would last forever, 23 more words


But it's not my time yet