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Venture Capital & Private Equity ready to invest big money in Marijuana

Investors know there’s money to be made in marijuana, but there’s still plenty of hesitation when it comes to putting money in pot—especially when the business deals directly with… 503 more words


Oregon marijuana investors compete for real estate as they prepare for the recreational market explosion

Cannabis producers and out-of-state entrepreneurs are already looking well beyond Oregon’s robust medical marijuana market to the recreational one, where for the first time government regulators will scrutinize growers, their practices and their plants. 203 more words


Wampire - Wizard Staff

This has the confident strut of a young Travolta –  it’s pretty impressive that there’s no discernible chorus and yet, headphones on, you can saunter along and the melodies keep you hooked from start to finish. 11 more words

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Medical marijuana in Prague

Organically grown cannabis can be an effective treatment for many of today’s most serious illnesses. There is a new Czech law allowing access to pot but so far there has only been a small number of people who have actually been prescribed the natural remedy. 330 more words