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All About St. John's- Wort

This beautiful herb is a perennial, with a lifespan of several years if not over-harvested. Sow seeds in late March on prepared soil. Do not cover the seeds. 159 more words

Growing Herbs

Day 242

I got some herbs and put them in a pot. I hope my balcony gets enough sun.

Daily Photo

Herb Harvest and Philosophy

“Oh boy, here we go…” Jabberwocky mumbled under her breath, “You’re about to say something YOU think is profundatory, aren’t you? An’ nobody is gonna’ get it.  You really ARE 112.” 631 more words

Saving Money

City Garden

This is going to be a bit different post from my previous ones. I do do other things in life as well as natural dyeing, although this particular hobby of mine has a lot to do with plants as well. 509 more words

Balcony Gardening

Ten Reasons To Grow A Garden

This year, my children and I grew our first garden.  While not all of our crops turned out great, we got a lot of enjoyment out of the experience.   363 more words

Life In General

Simple sometimes is best.

Today I was frantically painting by the time I looked up it was 4 pm. Crisis! I need to get going with dinner!

Thankfully I had the foresight to take some mince out of the freezer the night before but wanting to get back to my painting I did not want to make something complicated. 90 more words

Something easy

Sunny lazy Saturdays call for a quick snack of a lunch so I can get back to my book!

Today I opted for a toasted cheese with a twist! 79 more words