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Manila and the Philippines have just gone through another devastating calamity. Typhoon Mario has inflicted yet another traumatic calamity on our people. But this will pass away and people will soon be back to their normal lives. 611 more words



No one really enjoys growing old, and even worse older. I know I’m getting older every morning when I look in the mirror and discover all the new sags, bags and wrinkles that seemingly have appeared overnight. 27 more words



How can you avoid growing older?  You can’t, but you can have JOY through the process. The focus of the world on the young’s bodies inundates us at every turn, making it hard to appreciate our hard earned wrinkles.  583 more words

God And Your Health

Alrighty, Then

You’re minding your own business, washing your hands at the bathroom sink, when you look up in the mirror and freeze.  Is that really what I look like now?   78 more words

Mixed-media Art

Badass Not

Back in the day, I kinda thought I was a badass. I wasn’t, of course, but I tried hard to convince myself – and many of the people around me – that I was. 1,237 more words

An Ongoing Journal...

Some Truths About Getting Older

It’s hard to believe that the last time I took part in back-to-school festivities was five years ago. Yeah, that’s right. FIVE YEARS AGO. It feels like yesterday I was at my high school’s five year reunion, and now all of a sudden my college’s five year reunion is only one year away. 951 more words

Moments Slip

What towering presence
Packed into such a small frame
Unfolds the essence
Of this complex game.
Are you feral or tame?

Mildly fretting over a small thing… 56 more words