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leaving pink behind

when she was old enough to know her colors

pink was all she loved

pink sheets, pink blanket, pink pajamas

pink everything

a year ago she began talking about purple, 333 more words

Bent Branches

Claude and Vera had done this walk many times, a loop around the pond. The trees all about helped set the mark of the seasons for them — from the first wink of green to the thick leaf canopy, to a single leaf blushing scarlet (as if someone had seen its underside), to an autumnal kaleidoscope, to the last reluctant leaf to fall. 126 more words


You Versus Growing Older: Techniques To Win The Battle

With aging well, there is no set plan for how to do it, but we have some helpful ideas that can help you ease into the aging process with dignity and grace. 1,192 more words

Pain Management

Time to Praise!

…and all the trees of the field will clap their hands  Isaiah 52:12

Don’t you know it’s time to praise the Lord?

In the sanctuary of His Holy Spirit… 173 more words

Daily Devotion

Bear With Me

I am going to complain a little bit, so bear with me.
I now have to wear reading glasses to cut my toenails.
Sometimes, when I get up from a sitting or lying position, I get dizzy. 87 more words

Real Life


Break-ups suck.

After a year and half of fun, laughter and complete loyalty my boyfriend and me broke. I know you are probably thinking, “Ugghh typical, stupid teen drama.” This may seem stupid and meaningless to you but to us teenagers these experiences are important. 934 more words

Goodbye 26

It’s my birthday next week and as the day approaches I’ve been increasingly reflective. I’m a little freaked out at how quickly I seem to be getting through my twenties. 732 more words