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An Open Letter To My 30th Birthday

Dear 30,

You’re supposed to be just a number. An even, two-digit number that just so happens to rhyme with “dirty” — nothing more. So why do I continue to look at you with such trepidation and disdain? 1,177 more words


It’s my last evening of being 36. I stopped to take the first two photos on my bike ride home. What a beautiful evening it is. 114 more words

Aging Tips That Will Help You Along The Way

Do you want to look like you did when you were 20? Do you long for the passion for life and metabolism of yesteryear? You’ve found the right article. 701 more words


Little Girls and Women

i was a little girl once
with little girl things
and little girl hopes and dreams
of astronauts and blankies and buttons
a world yellow and pink with only splashes of silver and black… 215 more words

Wonderful Getting Older Tips For Those That Want To Look Young

There are no one size fits all silver bullets in regards to aging, but you can use ideas to add to create your own personal routine. 28 more words


Tips For Healthy Growing Older And Living Well!

You are probably already aware of anti-getting older strategies that have been passed down over time. This article will give you some interesting tips that will help you stay as young as you feel. 19 more words


Growing Older Isn't So Bad When You've Got Helpful Tips!

We will have to find ways to slow them down or stop these signs of growing older whenever possible.

Although the effects would seem negligible, it really works.In a matter of time you will stop this habit. 17 more words