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Flashback Friday!

I know I have been slacking on the flashbacks but I’m back!
Posting from my phone, so we will see how this goes.

What I have been thinking about these days is actors in their beginning days and who better to flashback to is ol’ Leonardo Dicaprio! 158 more words


The Very Special Episode: Hawaiian Style.

Hello Very Special Readers!

Summer is winding down. (Well, technically I guess we have another month before it’s scientifically over, but Labor Day looms just a mere nine days away.) In order to celebrate the end of the season, I’m engaging in the ultimate very special sitcom analysis.  161 more words


Beck Is Growing Up: Post Newborn

My baby is growing up too fast… He is 2 months now and he needs a new wardrobe. One rule I stuck to while pregnant was that I was going to shop for Beck once he was here and shop as he grew. 275 more words



Baby O just recently got her 12 moth vaccines. Yes, they were a little late because we moved and had to establish care at a new pediatrician. 289 more words

Daddy Blog

Hope, Coffee, and Growing Pains

It was a rainy Sunday morning, but the atmosphere in my kitchen was far from dreary. I sat across the table from CC, a NJ friend I had not seen in years. 587 more words


I find that myself thinking less about loan debt the more time goes by. Because it’s not really on me, you see. The costs of education have ballooned to the point where you would have to be either Mitt Romney or a redheaded lesbian Olympic skater in order to get the inheritance or scholarships necessary to get out of college debt-free, so I’m trying not to worry overmuch about the fact that my debt is almost $2,000 larger than it was when I graduated simply due to interest. 1,132 more words


Bittersweet Independence

I finally caved and opened Goodbye to All That: Writers on Loving and Leaving New York. I only allowed myself to read one essay. I started with Hope Edelman’s “You are Here” and quietly sank into my figurative and literal protective covers. 249 more words