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What to compost and What Not to Compost!

Ok so I really believe in composting it’s free, easy, and gives you an awesome power packed cocktail for your plants! The biggest thing with composting is knowing what to compost and what not to compost. 120 more words

Growing Things

Organic Spray for insects

Ok, so you have some bugs eating your veggie plants but you don’t want to you chemical pesticides then try this for an easy, safe, and inexpensive alternative. 88 more words

Growing Things

Planting Garlic

When getting ready to plant garlic start by carefully separating the cloves from the garlic bulb. Make sure the cloves stay sealed within the individual paper that surrounds each clove. 211 more words

Growing Things

Using Green Manures

One really easy and healthy way to put nutrients back into oyur soil after a Spring growing season is by using what is called green manures. 389 more words

Growing Things

Goodbye to Summer

By the calender, it is officially Fall.  Weather wise, it still feels more like you would wish Summer to be.  The temperature has finally dropped enough to where you can really enjoy being outside.   364 more words


Crawling Up and Out

When you first crawl out of the earth you feel a sudden jolt, like a surge of tensing muscles strong enough to numb but not to cramp. 569 more words