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Growth Types of Tomatoes

When picking out a tomato plant or seeds to start, it is good to know which type of growth the tomato will have. For example, knowing which growth type will help in determining if the tomato will do well in a container or not. 141 more words


Seeing Red

I think I mentioned recently that we lit a fire. In our living room fireplace. In July.

It’s been unseasonably cool and the tomatoes have been slow to ripen because of it (but, on the positive flip, we’ve had lots of really wonderful steady rain so net/net not a bad season so far). 323 more words

path tomatoes update

The beautiful weather has been holding my attention these last few days and even the mugginess, the heaviness, can’t persuade me to not love the feeling of summer. 104 more words


Gardening 101: Planting Seedlings

We’re back with more of our gardening 101 series! If you missed the last edition, we talked all about finding your own space for planting some edibles, even if you don’t live on a farm or even near garden! 2,531 more words

The war of the tomatoes

My mother describes her gardening style as “benign neglect.” The plants grow where they will, and occasionally the Great Mistress of the Garden potters outdoors to water and weed. 239 more words


Easy Homemade Salsa

If you’re growing your own tomatoes or have access to buy some really great ones, you can make your own salsa all summer long.

Start with about 20 ripe medium tomatoes and two clean Ball jars. 231 more words

Creating Food

A Tisket, A Tasket, Time for Tomato Baskets

I was playing it a little footloose and fancy free, but I finally found evidence that it was time to bring out the tomato baskets, specifically a discarded tomato near the driveway: 255 more words