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There will be plenty of Heirloom tomato plants!
The greenhouse is filled with a beautiful crop of plants for my little sale this Spring.
Herbs too….I can’t live without my herbs–you should have some too. 13 more words

Pumpkin Production System 2014

This one is a gardening post folks…

At this time of the year, the gardening calendar is firmly focused on harvesting and processing fruit and vegetables. 147 more words


Potting on Tomatoes

My tomato seedlings are at the stage where they need to part company with their seedling buddies and move into larger accommodation on their own. When the second pair of true leaves emerge they’re ready for potting on. 185 more words


Happy April Fools' Gardeners

Every year, thousands of unsuspecting gardeners plant their tomatoes waaaaay to early. Don’t be a fool, wait until mid-May to plant your tomatoes outdoors.

Growing Tomatoes in Containers

I’ve always hated tomatoes. The ones we got at the store were dry, tasteless, and full of  “seedy jelly”. When I was a teenager, I decided to try my hand at growing the plants. 763 more words


Tomato Love

My summer is over *sniff*, but in other parts of the world summer is on the way *sniff (for me)*, and maybe seeing what I grew this year and help you narrow down what you’d like to grow, or give you a few new ideas to try. 236 more words


Meet My First Pet - Garden #1

I had a few cats growing up (whom I loved dearly), but nowadays the objects of my affection are my gardens. I’ll leave it at that so I don’t get a bunch of crazy cat people all over me! 797 more words