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Waiting on a Dream

A dream left me, half awake, but, I do clearly recall that it told me, that it will be back, to visit me in my sleep again… 323 more words


Re-Defining Yourself: The Seasons of You

How are you defining yourself right now?  Are you tired of it?

The qualities that I have been striving to develop in myself over the past year or two have finally been achieved a few weeks ago.   241 more words


The world needs more orgasms

“When he… You know…” My mother pauses, looking frantic as ever as she tries to complete the sex talk with my brother’s girlfriend.
“Orgasms. Cums. Ejaculates.” I fill in, making it clear she knows what I mean, and to make my mother shudder a little. 627 more words

Growing Up

In Case You Were Wondering

Just in case anyone was curious (I know nobody noticed) about my temporary absenceseses……

I MOVED!!!!!!! 

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen (and males and females of the less polite variety) I am no longer living in my parents house! 640 more words



Since age two I’ve had the same set of goals: be a writer and have a family. They seemed pretty simple when I was a little girl. 1,117 more words



Each of us can relate somehow, some way, to a cold winter morning. Well, perhaps most of us. Yet a few of us have such a gift they can relate to others their own experiences with cold and winter mornings (poets and storytellers especially). 709 more words


Almost-Mid-Life-Crisis: Does it ever go away?

Even though it does not reflect on my blog, I’ve been writing a lot this week. I’ve been mostly writing prose too self reflective and embarrassing to post, so for now it will remain in my journal. 439 more words

Being 30