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Since age two I’ve had the same set of goals: be a writer and have a family. They seemed pretty simple when I was a little girl. 1,117 more words



Each of us can relate somehow, some way, to a cold winter morning. Well, perhaps most of us. Yet a few of us have such a gift they can relate to others their own experiences with cold and winter mornings (poets and storytellers especially). 709 more words


Almost-Mid-Life-Crisis: Does it ever go away?

Even though it does not reflect on my blog, I’ve been writing a lot this week. I’ve been mostly writing prose too self reflective and embarrassing to post, so for now it will remain in my journal. 439 more words

Being 30

Embarrassment and how I got over it

Looking up at the clock, I see that I only have 15 seconds left of class. I scribble down the rest of my french notes illegibly and close my notebook just as the bell rings. 1,238 more words


You Had Never Been There for Me

You’re what’s “termed” the absentee father, a father who’s never there, who’s always late, who never fulfills his promises to his children.

You had never been there for me, growing up, I was all alone, without anybody’s assistance, sure, I owed you, for these clothes on my back, my school fees, along with other amounts of tuitions, and everything that money bought!   143 more words


The Evaporation of Time

4 am is not my friend.

It is the hour when I sing my anthem for self-flagellation.

It is the time, if I happen to wake, that I tell myself I am a loser. 377 more words



I am having one of those days where everything I have ever done feels like it has amounted to nothing. Don’t get me wrong, these days, more often than not, I have moments where I am awfully proud of how far I have come, especially considering there was a very real time where I was not considering life beyond 21, but every now and then, social media kicks you in the gut and suggests that, … 228 more words

Early 20s