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Here's your life. Now, choose where you want to go.

Here’s your life. *drops life in hands*

Well, you have two options. First, hold it in your hands and cry for eternity. Second, pick an infinite number of unclear routes you want to go to and hope you like it 10-20 years down the road. 517 more words


A lesson for myself...

It’s been a long time…

I have failed miserably at writing a blog, much like when I tried to keep a diary for a year when I was 11. 370 more words

Grown Up

Growing Belief

I have to start this post by confessing: I’m horrible at growing plants. My thumb is whatever is most opposite to green on the color spectrum. 458 more words


How I transformed my apartment into a winter wonderland

I can’t say the beige walls and beige carpet of my basement apartment weren’t contributing to my homesickness. In the dorms, I was only around for the first week or so of December. 229 more words




The year was 1988, I was in the third grade.  The very last day before the winter vacations, some of the kids knew there would be awards given out, or that they are heading over to the libraries to check out books for the holidays, so they’d still carried their backpacks.  1,499 more words

Growing Up

Why I'm Remotely Ritzy

     I originally created this blog while living in the Klamath mountains of northern California living in a cabin with no indoor toilet. There was a bathtub…in the kitchen…with no door. 1,025 more words

Growing Up

Adolescence & Weird Nostalgia

I have this weird connection with my adolescent-self. I remember the hardships of my teenage years as clear as day, and I am very aware of how they shaped me as an adult. 463 more words

Growing Up