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5 year diary update

So, I originally had this post. It is my five year journal/diary .. whichever term you prefer. I caved and bought it in time to start it exactly on January 1st of this year. 318 more words


Take Actions, the Start of Love


  • Love is an Unseen Force

    What, is love? Shou-Ji Yu had beaten around the bushes, and shared her own stories: she, from fifteen years ago, became paralyzed in the legs abruptly, her original life got turned upside down.

  • 1,468 more words
Feelings & Emotions

Throwback Thursday: The 9/11 One

You guys. The last time I did a Throwback Thursday post was October. That’s crazy. And fairly unacceptable. Considering the fact I have a closet full of journals, I have virtually no reason to not write those posts. 1,035 more words

Growing Up

Return the Solitude Back to the Wintry Weather

Found online, translated…

Sat on that chair for almost forever now

But I still can’t feel any heat at all

After I’d gotten back up, the smoke still circled all around… 233 more words

State Of Mind

Your Love Became Poison

Your love became poison, and, I was actually, DUMB enough (yeah, yeah, I admit to that too!!!) to INGEST it, because I trusted you, and, I was (past tense!!!) willing to take whatever you’d given me, and just gobble it all down. 198 more words

Growing Up

My Older Sister Fed-Ex’d Her Care and Concerns

The closeness of siblings, translated…

A few days right after I got home from the hospital for having my child, I’d gotten a call from an online shopping site, said that I’d ordered two packages, that can I open the gates downstairs, the delivery person is going to bring the items to me. 416 more words


The First Step in Finding Yourself is Understanding

It’s Wednesday, which means we are continuing the journey into young TK’s mind and how she came to understand herself. While today’s poem was not written with a name (I’ll give it one here), it is one of my better ones. 488 more words