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I’ve never truly reminisced on my high school career until lately! Honestly like most seniors I wish I would have taken school a little more serious, but all the memories I’ve made because I’ve skipped homework have been worth it.

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Alanis soothes the soul

I’ve always been a huge Alanis Morissette fan. Despite the fact that I was only seven when the “Jagged Little Pill” album came out, I firmly believe it is one of the best records of the 90s (and maybe even beyond). 345 more words

Toss Out the Map and the Subways, and Start Traveling by Foot

On my way to…translated…

When I was younger, I’d loved to travel by foot, just keep walking, unless I got lost, I’d rarely taken out the map I had in my pack to check.  1,144 more words


Stop aiming for perfection

I’ve been a perfectionist my entire life (just ask anyone who knows me). I’ve even worn those titles – perfectionist, over-achiever – like a badge of honor, proud of just how much I was achieving with little to no struggle. 425 more words

Nervous Dad

Today is the day. Today, “N” goes on his first field trip…on a school bus even. For Summer Recreation they are going to a local place that has mini-golf, batting cages, video games, bounce houses, go-karts and lots of fun kids stuff. 120 more words


Taking Life One Day at a Time

I have a bad habit of trying to rush myself. I adopted an attitude back in high school that I never knew what hand life would deal me, so I should try to accomplish what I can as soon as I can. 322 more words

Growing Up

The Dinner Table

Growing up and today, the busiest room in my house is the kitchen. Cooking, cleaning, memory making, planning and so many more things started here. This was nerve center for the whole family and the dinner table was the gathering point.  444 more words