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My Summer of Loss

What a summer. Talk about having the wind knocked out of you. About a month after I gave birth to the twins at 36 weeks, my very special handsome boy Henry (my oldest golden retriever) decided to pass on his supper one night and there began my nightmare. 945 more words


The New Normal

It’s been over a week since my son left for college and I still close his bedroom door every night and open it in the morning. 481 more words

Growing Pains

Forgive me if I have ever written an article similar to this one. If I have repeated myself it is because it is a recurring theme in my life. 332 more words

My Blog Community

There's No Pain Quite Like Your Best Friend Dying

The truth is, you were better. I was always trying to live up to you. I admired you ceaselessly, and I strived to make you jealous. 774 more words

When the sun sets on forever

As the warm breeze kisses my cheeks im reminded of summers past, of a childhood that is as far as the east is from this westernly place I call life.

My Life-- In Real Time

Dear 16 year old Dawn...

Dear Dawn,
The new school year is beginning and  school is also coming to an end too, and as it does you’re becoming 16.
It’s time you grew up, don’t you think? 492 more words