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As all love stories go, it started when he looked at me

His eyes were, to be blunt, not that appealing, but his smile, my god, his smile… 319 more words


sweet nothings

For a long time, I assumed goodbyes and heartache were linear; more specifically, inversely proportional – it seemed natural that more goodbyes would desensitize you to some sadness and more sadness would desensitize you to some goodbyes. 230 more words

One Song

Why can I never find songs about the things I actually need to hear? Yes, there are all of the love and break up and partying songs, and those are all just dandy. 289 more words


How do you break up with a friend?

I have been wondering this for a long time. How does one end a friendship? When is it okay to have it be over and everyone be okay with it?   430 more words


Entering my twenties

My 21st birthday is coming up soon (yay!!) and i’m now realizing how fast life goes and how being in my second decade of life has opened my eyes as to what is and isn’t important. 1,303 more words

Starting Over

Iowa to Oregon in 3 days.

I packed up everything I had and moved 2,000 miles away, thinking that a new place would be good for me. 267 more words

Many a time in my days,
When life was of mere simple ways,
I’d walk past the constraints of time
Effortless to prove myself sublime. 174 more words