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The overwhelming power of life

Sometimes, life hits me and I get overwhelmed by the complete power life has. There will never be a day like today, and tomorrow is a day I will never know. 718 more words

For Marco, For Wherever You Are Now

8am you look at me with brown eyes half the size of your head

You smile at me and turn red, look at Bijon and say “I love her” 420 more words


Letting Go and Moving Forward

I miss B a lot today. I blame it on the fact that my productivity level has started to decline slowly since my birthday. What else does one do while sitting around doing nothing and mindlessly watching “Criminal Minds”?! 796 more words

30.08.14 - Phobias

Phobias are very strange things. One second you can be perfectly content, happily reading away at some novel, and the next second you can spot that one thing that brings you terror and you can’t focus on anything else. 404 more words


Growing Up TOO FAST...Overly Sentimental?

I’m at that age where people are getting engaged, married, having kids, etc. It’s one thing to see it happen to a distant acquaintance, (i.e. old hs classmate on facebook) but it’s hitting close to home now. 474 more words

Past Streets and Homes

I began my life living in an

old house, with a tunnel attached to the

second floor as a fire escape, that was called

the town’s name plus ‘Memorial Hospital’, 101 more words

To The Friends Who Think I'm Changing

Dear friends,

All of you have known me for so many years. Maybe you remember me. Maybe you don’t. Each of you still have pictures on your phones of us from what feels like forever ago, posing and making stupid faces at the screen. 1,072 more words