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day 205: i will rejoice...

Insane traffic combined with no air conditioning led to a side adventure and beers on CalTrain with new friends.


Pro-Tip #23: How to Nail a Job Interview

Hi team! I think I like the more honest format of the last post, so I think I’m going to roll with it again on this one. 1,667 more words


How messed up is messed up...?

Okay so I’ve come to the conclusion, possibly revelation, that I’m far more messed up than I thought I was at the beginning of my self-awareness journey that probably started in about 7th or 8th grade. 267 more words


sometimes being a responsible adult sucks

I get how cliché this is. War on Drugs is pretty much everyone’s new favourite band right now. But rightfully so! Their latest album Lost in the Dream… 268 more words


Facing Your Fears

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

-  Eleanor Roosevelt


I am terrified of airplanes.

Like, flying is my number one fear of all time. 604 more words

Growing Up

Uncomfortable in My Own Skin

I’m gonna be a little more personal then usual in this post.  Don’t worry, nothing freaky.  Just a little more to maybe help you see that you’re “not the only one”, and that phases of life come and go and we all survive them somehow. 452 more words

Adult Purchases

Two months ago, I moved into a house. I pay rent every month.

One week ago (7/17), I turned twenty years old. I’m no longer a teen. 344 more words

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