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tribute to two!

When I was pregnant with Oakley people told me all of the time how much I would love being a mom and how in love… 774 more words

The Challenge of a New Beginning

I’ve just begun an awesome new job, and I’m definitely not looking to complain about having a full-time offer right out of college, considering I was given this fantastic opportunity at an amazing company, surrounded by really interesting and talented new people. 548 more words


Going back in time

My son hasn’t quite perfected that time machine that I’ve written about in the past, but the other day he did send me back in time. 393 more words


Growing Up

I am forever looking for new ways to make sure my laziness doesn’t get the better of me when it comes to writing. Most of the times, it does. 359 more words

Big Dave

I’ve never had a nickname. Up until high school, I even objected to people calling me Dave instead of David, but that doesn’t bother me anymore. 774 more words

day 107: i will rejoice...

Thankful for all of the encouragement and the friends keeping track of my job hunt process. I feel like I have an interview cheering squad.


Hiding Blessings: Why I Prayed to a Cadbury Easter Bunny

I once prayed to a rabbit-shaped hunk of chocolate. I shit you not. I knelt in front of a Cadbury bunny and recited an “Our Father” and ended with the “Sign of the Cross.” I was 10. 1,254 more words