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For the Seniors, and those who will be

Sunday night when I sat and listened to conversations among those about to graduate from my Alma Mater, I heard the stress and excitement and anxiety in their voices, in their days, in their plans.  478 more words

I'm Genuinely Happy...for Others

So I’ve been getting a lot of positive interruptions throughout my day from friends the last couple of weeks. One friend got a new job followed by getting engaged. 200 more words


I am making a new blog that will give me more possibilities! Please follow my new blog for the same content (just more). This one will eventually become inactive.



Feeling Worthwhile

After a long amount of time spent thinking that your skills aren’t that spectacular and surely everything you do other people could also do, its a really strange change to realize that what you do, you should probably get paid for. 347 more words

Let's Talk About Religion.

It’s time for some real talk.

I’m at a confusing spot in my life right now. I grew up Lutheran and went to church all the time. 475 more words

Miscellaneous Thoughts


You know those cheesy posts on Facebook about how you know you have a true friend when you don’t have to talk to them every week, or even every month, yet you still love them? 797 more words