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Passing as Male

If I was the reader rather than the writer of this blog, I would be wondering why anyone would want to blog about being transgender. 945 more words


Why ya gotta be so rude

Happy Sunday :) 4 more days till Christmas and there is still nothing done! Everyone gets hugs and smiles from me haha. Okay so let’s talk about drama.. 216 more words


Love Isn't All I Need, But I Do Need It

Last night, two of my coworkers and I had a movie night. Like any sensible 20-somethings, we watched Frozen (don’t hate). Olaf is my favorite character (and Sven). 646 more words


Dear Candun Year 1

Dear Candun,

You’re coming up on your first birthday tomorrow!  I can’t believe it!  It’s been such an incredible year since you were born and I am forever thankful that you picked me to be your mom.  350 more words

Growing up sucks - Nostalgic Feelings

It really does.

When you’re a child, there are no worries in the world. Ones biggest troubles were not getting your favourite candy or you’re not allowed to play with your friend anymore because it’s late. 450 more words


Y • O • U • T • H

YOUTH . What exactly is it?
The dictionary describes it as “the period between childhood and adult age.” I mean, thats logically correct.
But youth today would have completely differ from what it was 10 years ago.. 164 more words


Snow globe Life


Everyone goes through that tumultuous path of growth, realization, and loss of innocence one time in their lives. This is the story of my own stumbles–how I fell flat on my face and willed my self to get back up. 230 more words

My Story