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Play It Again

I think anyone with (or without) a child would admit that parenthood has its challenges. One challenge I’m facing as of late is what to do with my two-month-old bundle of joy now that he’s staying awake for longer periods of time. 417 more words

Country Music

Growing Up

Someone once told me,
That growing up is overrated.
I grinned and said I couldn’t wait,
Fresh-faced naivety clouding my judgement.

We craved adulthood, years ago, 250 more words


Growing Up Chronicles

A comic about growing up and the changing mindset :)


Noisey: Insanely Close and Personal With the Brian Jonestown Massacre

I met Katy Newcombe when we were both fifteen. We grew up in the same tiny, dead-end town in South Wales and broke into outdoor swimming pools for fun, both trying our hardest to look the most like Evan Rachel Wood in Thirteen. 244 more words

Music Journalism

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

Today one of my boys mastered climbing up on the bridge in our local playground whilst I was busy pushing the other on the swings.  It wasn’t until I saw a pair of eyes peeping over at us that I realised he’d managed it, all on his own   It’s amazing how one day they master their confidence and skills to try and achieve. 27 more words


Growing up

I remember being a kid, being happy about the stupidest shit and not knowing about anxiety and depression, about death and heartbreak. Of course then not really knowing about all the other things too like falling in love and the weird experimental shit you do as a teenager, but I really do believe in the phrase: Ignorance is bliss. 396 more words

I Told My Mum I Have A Boyfriend

I told my mum I have a boyfriend. Like the first proper one. It went really well. To be honest she looked relieved. I have a vague notion that she thought I was a lesbian and didn’t know how to ask me. 556 more words