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Meyers High of the 60s


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Happy Easter everyone!  I hope you have a wonderful day.

When I arrived at Meyers in 1962 the Mighty Mohawks were on top.  876 more words


Thanks for letting me live!

The year I was born, 1990, female feoticide was commonplace in India. My parents, however, did not try to find my sex before I was born. 163 more words

Complaints, Complaints

Soooo, I’ve been hearing about this one particular complaint too much about “growing up” and I’d just like to say what I think about this for a little bit.

Until the next time we meet...

Recently, the Landmark bookstore in Chennai, India finally issued a notice stating their intentions to close down the shutters after almost 30 years in the business. 640 more words


"All mommies had there own kid name before they were called Mommy." ~my daughter Nora (age 5)

My girls were having a chat in the car. My 3 yr old Audrey says, “Daddies are boys and daddies are called Chris. Mommies are girls and mommies are called Megan.” To which my 5 yr old Nora replies, “Not all mommies are called Megan. 547 more words


This is okay too

I wished I were the kind of girl

That knew how to seduce

And make sultry gazes look effortless


Wore short dresses

And didn’t feel scared in them… 91 more words


I spent the day with fantastic people at fantastic places! I am so inspired to be growing up and taking steps toward the best version of me! 88 more words