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Everybody's Changing, and I Don't Feel the Same

In very rare cases in life, we are blessed to have friends who know us intimately from childhood through adulthood.  Perhaps those friendships occur because neither party moved away from their hometown.   678 more words


She was the weird kid...

When I was in junior high, I met a girl at my bus stop that was “unusual”. Let’s call her Carolyn.  She was the weird kid.   1,100 more words

Life Lessons

Being an Adult is Hard

As a kid, I remember time felt like it passed slow. While the school year may have dragged back then, the summers were also a lot longer – or so they felt at least. 848 more words


Growing Up

Yesterday was one of those days that I felt like I was growing up. Or maybe that I had grown outward. 

I hung out with two good friends from elementary school yesterday. 485 more words

Spasmodic Thought

[WATCH] Young Girl Breaks Down In Tears Over Her Baby Brother Growing Up

No mother wants to see their children grow up but did you ever think you would see your 5-year-old daughter crying over her younger brother growing up?

WATCH this adorable video:



We all have choices to make; everyday.  Some choices may be easy, insignificant, and small.  Those are the best kind.  They don’t change your course in life, one way or another; the choice doesn’t really matter.   434 more words



“Ugh Um-gow-ah! TJ has the power!”
TJ–short for Thomas Johnson–was my high school.
The cheerleaders were doing a bang up job tonight.

“Cigarette ashes, cigarette butts! 46 more words

Real Life