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A peak into our garden.

Some of you have mentioned that you love living vicariously in our garden.  Here’s a peak into what’s growing now.  This time of year is rife with what I call, “Garden appetizers.” About the time all hell begins to break loose in the kid zone, (I don’t know why it’s always around the time you need to make dinner.) the kids and I walk out to the garden for “Garden Appetizers.”  Sometimes it’s just raspberries and strawberries. 269 more words


Our Garden Update

We have pumpkins starting to grow!!

We have lemon cucumbers and green cucumbers!!

We have squash starting to grow!!

We have baby watermelons!!Yay!!!! We are so excited!!

Food & Garden

Gardening, Canning,and Food Preservation-Part III

Since it’s now August,a lot of tomatoes should be ripening,along with some of the various types of hot peppers, green and yellow wax beans,and pickling cucumbers should be producing the majority of their cukes by now. 468 more words


Apples are a comin...

Our two apple trees are producing some fine looking Macintosh apples for the fall.  We have a few wild apple trees on our property also which are Empire apples.  108 more words

Preparing Your Spring and Summer Vegetable Garden

Over the next few weeks I would like to share with you how I prepare for the busiest time of my gardening year- spring and summer vegetable production. 687 more words

Gardening,Canning and Food Preservation Part II

Some things I did not discuss in detail part 1…


Even if you live in a home on a small city lot,you can still make a compost pile. 774 more words


Gardening, canning and food preservation-part 1

Those who live where they have the room to grow a large garden should be doing so,as it not only saves you money,it supplies you with a lot of food which you can preserve by freezing,canning,and dehydrating. 816 more words