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nobody likes mean girls

Poor Ursula. In the chicken world, the victim gets solitary. Business as usual for the UNSUB.

This is completely unscientific, but I think mean girl-ing is hardwired. 705 more words

A Day In The Life

the price of freedom

I love to see old fashioned chickens running around. Kind of like Beyonce and her girls, they like to strut & cluck in formation. We’ve got a mix of Buff Orpington, Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Reds and White Rocks.  865 more words
A Day In The Life

Ketchup & Fries

You may have heard it here first, and no, it's not a joke… Just got this from our friend Alice at Log House Plants. You can bet we'll be growing, reporting on, and creating recipes for these! 282 more words

Growing Your Own

Homemade Sesame Oil

We've been delving deeper into oils and fats, springing from a couple of questions Christy posed back a week or so. Her tongue in cheek caveat for asking was that she's “always looking at that little bottle of sesame oil and wondering…” She hits the nail on the head with this observation; sesame oil is one many of us have but use quite sparingly, and as such, it's prone to being well past its prime when we next reach for the bottle. 303 more words

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