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Growth Discomfort

Like a thirsty seed sprouting into a weed in rain
The thirst to grow can dig and drag you through discomfort
Relish the grazes, jabs, and scratches
Life’s secret gifts

Week 3 - 6 PST


Yup. This never made it up, and it is not finished. But this goes out to all of those who might be considering joining and want to get a feel for some of the roller coaster affects of PST, no pun intended. 374 more words

Inspiration & Reflection


Tulips in the early morning

Tulips in full sun


Spilled milk

Perfect – adjective perfect -ˈpərfikt/ 1.having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.

There is something vitally important that has shifted in me in the past year and a half I have spent living in New York City. 546 more words

Setting the Record Straight

Yes, losing your heart’s desire is tragic. But gaining your heart’s desire? That’s all you can hope for. This year I wished for love… to immerse myself in someone else and to wake a heart long afraid to feel.

592 more words

"Be Modern"

The latest trend in technology today seems to be the smartwatch. It a new, but growing concept that companies like Sony and Samsung are trying to entrench themselves in. 398 more words


(for my children)


Two. Five.

In a tub full of bubbles,
hair soaped liked kewpie dolls,
you both mug for the camera.
Squint-eyed with a laughter… 74 more words

Julie Ayers