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Chilled Marrow

collage on brown paper, DIY and Gardening manual, Photo of seedling vegetables on line drawing.


Is portacathogram a word????

Yesterday I went in to the hospital for a Portacathogram…seriously? …is that a word? To me that sounds like a suitcase you want to telex through to someone after first having squeezed it through a very narrow tube… anyway, that’s what I did – a portacathogram, that is, not shoving a suitcase though a tube…. 925 more words

Growing Pains

I think turning 30 in 2013 was something I enjoyed on the day and just let wash over me in the bigger picture but little did I know, I was to change hugely in the months coming after the milestone… 301 more words

Sorry - I am useless - here is a bump picture - forgive me?

Hey guys!

I know I have been MIA – but between work, family, friends and my partner I haven’t had a second to do anything other than sleep & sleep is all I have been fit for! 47 more words


I am officially growing rocket!

Yes, I have managed to successfully plant and grow rocket! And although they are only 3-4cms high, I’m still bursting with pride everytime I see them on the windowsill. 69 more words