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Hellstrøm is a Superhero

Alright, I’s a superhero. I can fly, I got x-ray eyes, or sumthin’. Mighty thews and all. What’s I gonna do? I’ll tell ya (you never woulda guessed, would ya, you’da thought I’d hull myself in decorous silence). 168 more words


Daily doodle: Grrr

A little continuation of the other project I’m working on. You guys may have seen the canaan dog doodle from the other day.

DOn Nguyen


a broken window

dusk creeps into the bedroom

old dog growls and snaps


Something Completely Different Fridays!

Oscar’s (Tail) Tale

Forty Two– Onyx vs the Floor Mop

I am given to understand that most cats are terrified of the vacuum.  While I do recall being scared of the vacuum when I was younger, it was something I fast grew out of.  755 more words

Applescript Notification from FileMaker

FileMaker developers (and other app developers) are always looking for better ways to communicate information to their users. System level notifications have proven to be an effective way of sending short ‘dissolving’ messages to users. 630 more words

FileMaker Pro Techniques

My Coyote Fright

My Monday morning was not going to be productive. I had a headache and I was exhausted. But I decided to sit and stare at the computer and write something amazing. 185 more words

City Girl To Country Girl