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You Walked, and You Talked, and You Sat

You fucked. What else? You ate, and you shat. You conceived. Which brings me to my actual question: Why I before E except after C? Why?! Gnaarrrhhhh!


Barking Mad

Barking, the one thing that both of my dogs do best! When I only had Dickens and he was a young pup, I taught him to bark when I gave him the ASL (American Sign Language) sign for it. 298 more words

Dog Training

Hellstrøm is a Superhero

Alright, I’s a superhero. I can fly, I got x-ray eyes, or sumthin’. Mighty thews and all. What’s I gonna do? I’ll tell ya (you never woulda guessed, would ya, you’da thought I’d hull myself in decorous silence). 169 more words


Daily doodle: Grrr

A little continuation of the other project I’m working on. You guys may have seen the canaan dog doodle from the other day.

DOn Nguyen


a broken window

dusk creeps into the bedroom

old dog growls and snaps


Something Completely Different Fridays!

Oscar’s (Tail) Tale

Forty Two– Onyx vs the Floor Mop

I am given to understand that most cats are terrified of the vacuum.  While I do recall being scared of the vacuum when I was younger, it was something I fast grew out of.  755 more words