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No more paper-towel napkins for this gal!

Saturday’s champagne hamstravaganza was also the debut of a set of cloth napkins I sewed recently.

I really like how the geometric print of the fabric plays against the fish on the plate. 55 more words

Grown-up Stuff

The Heartbleed Bug takes over your internets!

Another craze has hit the web, and this time it looks bad for users of a LOT of common websites. The Hearbleed bug is the newest cyberthreat, or so says news outlets like the  287 more words

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ugh, grown up decisions

So my 3 (going on 16) year old is waaaay past due to start preschool. She missed the cut off with an end of the year birthday, hello Christmas eve-eve baby… and just all in all needs some sort of advanced mental stimulation or something because I am about ready to lock myself in the pantry ( 204 more words

Time, mummified

My phone died this week.

Well, it was close to death anyway and I need a reliable phone. My only hesitation in getting a new one was that this old phone had a voice message on it from my grandmother. 386 more words

Grown-up Stuff

Taking the Shame out of Walk of Shame kits

So if you are young, hip and banging on the fly, you are aware, or should be, of what a walk of shame kit is. For the uninitiated, walk of shame kits are small discreet bags containing everything you need to make a classy getaway after a rendezvous without looking, or (smelling) like a cum soaked sock on the bottom of a laundry hamper.These kits follow in the prestigious lineage of… 439 more words

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Playing House

It’s been a while since I’ve done a serious “Life Lessons” post frankly because I couldn’t think of anything to add. Sure, I’ve been keeping myself busy with little projects here and there, but I don’t want every post on this blog to be about a new cooking adventure, my writing, or the craft projects I’ve been doing. 1,302 more words

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