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I meant to do this yesterday, on my true Americaversary, but you know how it goes… We spent the past two days in NYC and by the time I had a moment to sit with my thoughts when we got home, I was too tired to put finger to keyboard. 259 more words

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How do you fit it all in?

So this week is a busy week for me. I’m just getting settled in my new job, so I have some ongoing things like getting the right keys to my office, getting my different computer accounts actually working, figuring out who to ask about. 416 more words


On routines, cooking, and being ready.

“Mise en place forces cooks to account for every minute of their time and every moment,” as chef Dwayne Lipuma is quoted in a recent NPR article… 854 more words


Just do it.

I am good at mulling things over. This can be a good quality— it leads to introspection, self knowledge, and considered action. But it can also lead to paralysis, and talking yourself out of things, and second-guessing.  393 more words


Change your life on Sunday!

Here’s a challenge for you: when was the last time you invited 10 friends over for no reason, cooked for them, and just straight up enjoyed each others’ company? 571 more words


7 Things You Should Never Say In A Job Interview


As if getting to the “interview part” of the hiring process isn’t hard enough, once you get to the interview phase there are things you should never say, in the interview that is.  505 more words

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Dear Friends.

Dear Friends,

I want to tell you something. I know that life is hectic. I know that things have changed. But I want you all to know something – I think about you guys all the time. 279 more words