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7 Stages of Wages

So I’ve noticed that I go through a range of stages when waiting for and then receiving my wages.

1. I’m so rich

Stage 1 is that feeling you have the day of and the day after being paid. 351 more words

One A Day

The teenage me vs the 30 year old me!

This morning I got to thinking about my younger self and how I felt in my teenage years.

This sudden reflection has come from learning some one from my past will be present at my good friend and work colleges hen do at the weekend! 317 more words


What Happened to Me?

Because it’s summer time my son’s grandparents have been very generous with their weekends. Pretty sure I asked him to play blocks on Friday and he responded with, “Mom, please, I have places to go. 470 more words

Plans, and an absence of.

I was standing in the warm garage, talking to the mechanic.

“We know where to find you,” she said, smiling. I can’t remember what we’d said before that, but I know that I replied, “Always in the same place.” 553 more words


Grown up stuff #7 - Time management and its futility

I’ve been realising just how much there still is left to do, even after two weeks of living here. I’ve still got to put away quite a lot of my belongings, I’ve got to do the normal house-y things of keeping things clean and tidy, I’ve got to deep-clean a few more things, plus I’ve got to take care of myself and make sure I eat well and shower and stay sane, and on top of all that I’ve got a lot of art projects I want to continue and finish over summer and some books and lectures I’d like to take notes on for my next year of University. 112 more words

Grown Up Life

Still growing...

Daily prompt :

As a kid, you must have imagined what it was to be an adult.now that you’re a grownup(or becoming one),how far of was your idea of adult life? 409 more words

I don't want to grow up...

“I can’t wait to grow up! When I’m an adult, I’m going to stay up late, buy what I want, eat what I want, do whatever I want!” How many of you remember saying this? 808 more words