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All Grown Up

I am really starting to feel like a grown up. Not because of what has happened to me, but because of what I have witnessed happening to others. 115 more words


Bringing Home the Bacon

As we’ve already learned, this year has seen me transition into the role of “full-fledged grown up.”

But let me tell you: adulthood is not what I pictured. 760 more words

365 grateful: Day 106


Chips, dip, and beer for dinner. Because I wanted it. Sometimes it pays to be a grown-up!

Entering The Real World (Being A Grownup)

By request from a friend of mine who’s delaying the real world by pursuing a Master’s degree, I have decided to write a post that’s less about the realities of teaching and more about the realities of being a grown-up and living in the real world. 1,328 more words

Teacher In Training

I never want to see the day when ‘using the force’ to open automatic doors stops being fun.


Last few hours of being 26...

Tomorrow (15 April), I turn 27… 27 years of age I shall be! Three years away from 30. The other side of 25. Seemingly the age of a grown-up that looks and acts like a grown up should…