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Impotent Adults or, How Does This Happen??

Of all of the various things that come with being unemployed (still am, of course – I’m unsurprised, but I do have several recent applications out there that I’m still hopefully will result in something), I’ve been spending an obscene amount of time lately just thinking, for better or for worse. 2,204 more words

My Return to Sneakers: No longer trying to be a grown-up

While cleaning out my closet a few weeks ago, I came across a pair of old-school black Converse tennis shoes—shoes I’d sworn off several years ago. 657 more words

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Celebrate Earth Day AND Save Money!

You don’t have to get solar panels or have your house stink like a compost heap in order to be green! Use these simple tips to save a little cheddar while celebrating Earth Day. 195 more words


Another year around the sun

On March 2nd I celebrated a birthday, my 35th. I actually celebrated all week long with my friend Kelly whose birthday is on the 3rd. I love birthdays, and event planning in general so it comes as no surprise that I would go big for my birthday. 205 more words

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The case of Tom Hiddleston's watch

Mom is super upset that I am refusing to put on make-up. I just… why? It’s a personal choice, right? I’m happy with the way I look and I dislike the hassle of putting it on and taking it off and what a waste – make-up is expensive and I could happily spend the money elsewhere. 147 more words

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What To Wear To Work

Okay I’ll admit it…. I sometimes always judge people based on what they are wearing, especially at the office.

That girl in social media wearing the leggings as pants and a low cut shirt?  485 more words