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The General

People in general generalize. But I tend to enjoy those that fall through the cracks. That somehow bounce off of those generalization force-fields.
The past couple years I’ve found myself mimicking the world of generals (you like that?) and it almost feels theatrical. 203 more words

Against Haiku

In such brief compass
What can be said worth saying?
The world’s what it is. 75 more words


To Say

To say
That you could never disappoint me
Is just to say you haven’t yet
And then extrapolate.

Of course you could.
Oh, when I think of all the ways you could… 50 more words



I think we are officially grownups. We purchased a dining room table and it is now in our home, where an empty spot used to be. 51 more words


Talking God's Prayer

Amid the high stratus clouds
In the house made of dawn
In the house that was raised at dawn,
Upon the road lit by the dawn, 357 more words


Not My Circus?

This morning, on fellow blogger Stef’s Daily Delights, I encountered this Polish proverb: Not my circus, not my monkeys!

 Well! I promptly decided to adopt the proverb as my mantra-of-the-day. 502 more words

Personal Essay

She Makes Them at Home in the Land (Monster Slayer part 7)


She called out that one’s name,
Four times she called Nayenezgani, Kill-Ogre,
And the canyon walls answered back,
And the rocks heard it. 79 more words