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Doubt and Regret

You will doubt yourself in this life. You will make choices and do things and say things (and not do things and not say things) that will later have you laying awake in bed, staring at the ceiling saying, “Well, fuck.” It’s happened before and it’ll happen again. 279 more words


Adult Acne: Why Grownups Still Need Skin Care Treatments in Folsom

This sebum, produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands, is notorious for clogging pores, attracting bacteria, and becoming inflamed—resulting into the often reddish, large zits that a local acne and skin care clinic in Folsom, CA such as The Healing Station skillfully treats. 56 more words

The Poet’s Lament for His Mother’s Death Has Won Another Prize

Most get an afterlife that isn’t much
for having had one’s soul pried out and kissed by death.
Oh, yes, it’s heady for a while, everyone suddenly… 217 more words


The Pathetic Fallacy

David and Anne are playing chess.
The game of kings.
David’s thinking tactically,
While Anne’s mind is on other things.

Anne plays White, but loses ground… 143 more words


Peter Pan-ing it Fo Lyfe

P.S. Update: Currently sitting in the library (clearly blogging when I should be studying) and listening to a man talk to himself. He’s approximately 60 years old and seems to be having quite the conversation, or monologue I guess, with himself. 122 more words


A Love Song of Alice B. Toklas

Mornings after, the company sleeping hard,

You were wakeful

With her arms about you

(and she asleep, not to be roused

because she did not care to be disturbed… 178 more words