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And Just Like That

I remember the first smile. It came from reading a facebook message moments after we became “friends.”

Why was I smiling to myself like an idiot. 711 more words

Just Thinking

Grownups are always thinking of uninteresting explanations. – The Magician’s Nephew, C.S. Lewis

Book Quotes

Three That Bully (2013)

1. Children.

2. Teens.

3. Grownups.


Over the top-

Time to stop.


Being Grown Up

What does that really mean? Being Grown up! The dictionary describes it as the characteristic of being an adult, not being childish or immature. Now you see being me, I have to look up what it means to be an adult because that answer doesn’t quite satisfy me. 870 more words


Because I'm Happy

Happiness. That’s the ultimate goal. We all want to be happy. The moment we throw our heads back and laugh without a care for the world. 819 more words


Chronic Healing

He was always just recovering from
some shit, talking his way back to
normal, learning to live in
the present and yanking
the stuck parts of himself out from… 221 more words


Leaning in

Luke and I climbed into the front seats, both bitten and bleeding—me by a bunny I’d been holding up to show our special needs daughter, Sadie, and Luke by Sadie. 493 more words