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Dear Girl,

Since high school, my mom has made it a habit to have me tag along with her at various school reunions. I went from enjoying them, to dreading them, and fully treasuring them and feeling extremely grateful that I get such an opportunity and privilege to witness such long lasting friendships. 611 more words


Being an Adult is Rough.

My 2015 so far has been hectic. I started off in the best way possible. I went to the restaurant that Chase is sous at and hung out at the bar with the significant others of his work family and toasted and celebrated the New Year with them. 527 more words

Starting UnFresh

Many people do what they can to start a new year fresh. They purge their cabinets of junk food, they clean everything up, they switch insurance plans, whatever. 371 more words


What is This Nonsense?

My fiance and I will be writing this blog together. It’s not mushy stuff or anything like that, it’s about the realization that neither of us really know how to be “grown ups”. 151 more words


Grownups Table Kids Table

This is a short story about the mindset of the only person at the grownups table not old enough to be considering retirement, bored to tears, looking for an in to make a witty comment to show that I belong or an out so I can split, thinking about you, wanting to see whom that email I’ve got waiting is from, hoping it’s from you and if it is what you have to say, wanting to respond to your email, if it… 104 more words

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All Grown Up.”

Timely for today’s writing prompt, a friend of mine posted this photo on Facebook. I realized I have been a grownup from the time my knowledge of Mathematics— slightly got disturbed.