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The Chinese Dragons, part 5

Speaking to dragons is a great art,
To be seldom practiced.
A man who speaks often to dragons becomes a dragon. 20 more words


The Chinese Dragons, part 4

The dragons do not seek out men.
They hoard their wisdom like jewels.
The least scale from the belly of a dragon
Might ransom any of the kings of men. 17 more words


Appealing With My Curb

It always seemed like such a waste of time, or money to spend THAT much time on your yard. My assumption was that these overly enthusiastic yard workers either really loved being outside, or were just cocky little assholes with nothing else to do but try to be “that house” on the street. 445 more words

Huazi Ridge (after Wang Wei)

There they go again, stupid birds.
They’ve been flying up and down the Ridge
All fall.
As if that would bring him back. 143 more words


Brilliant Resolution Area Saver Beds For Children And Grownups

Regardless of whether kids are often provided the smallest area in the residence, they still need room saver beds if the home was truly has constrained room. 31 more words


FOX 4 Links: Summer camp for grownups

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Summer camp isn’t just for your kids these days.

Adult summer camps are becoming more popular, featuring everything from wine-making to ballroom dancing. 24 more words


Paying to be a grownup

Friend: Part of the benefit of growing up is that I can buy whatever I want. Part of the tragedy of growing up is that I now have to pay for it.

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