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The Lost Child

Little one, what have you heard, and how?

That grave-stones cluster on the hill’s cold brow
and wanderers are lost without a sound
beneath the moon, when the hard winds blow. 108 more words


Developing Blocks For Grownups: Imaginative Odd-Shaped Shelving

Rectilinear shelves make it easy to organize and display objects in a assortment of shapes, but contemplating outside the box (virtually) can lead to visuals that are refreshingly sudden. 22 more words

Daily Ideas

Comic Neue: Comic Sans typeface for grown-ups

The much-maligned Comic Sans typeface gets an overdue remake, rendering it suitable for general consumption.
CNET Crave

Spanish Dancer (Rilke)

As fire lives in the cold matchstick
Before its striking, which when struck
Flicks out white tongues of flame from every side –
So she, within that curious circle, side to side, 303 more words


Haiku (McCall, Idaho)

Fly sang his death song
All afternoon, mourning sky
Beyond his reaching.


Dance Figure

I sweat
in a powerful vision
The white goddess
She play a fast fiddle
She cry         shake it

like sweet & hot
scream like a wind… 39 more words


Why is humiliating people funny?

This is from an interview of Jennifer Lawrence on Barbra Walters:

Why is humiliating people funny?” Lawrence asked Walters. “I get it, I do it too. 276 more words