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The Pathetic Fallacy

David and Anne are playing chess.
The game of kings.
David’s thinking tactically,
While Anne’s mind is on other things.

Anne plays White, but loses ground… 143 more words


Peter Pan-ing it Fo Lyfe

P.S. Update: Currently sitting in the library (clearly blogging when I should be studying) and listening to a man talk to himself. He’s approximately 60 years old and seems to be having quite the conversation, or monologue I guess, with himself. 122 more words


A Love Song of Alice B. Toklas

Mornings after, the company sleeping hard,

You were wakeful

With her arms about you

(and she asleep, not to be roused

because she did not care to be disturbed… 178 more words


Death by Drowning

(for Theodore Roethke)

We die of love, or anything at all.
I drew a million breaths, but could not sing.
My bones are of the earth, and heed its call; 80 more words


Trunchbull Fight - The Most Scared You Have Ever Been? Act I

Ms. Agatha Trunchbull is rotten to the core. Unfortunately she is also the headmistress of Matilda’s first school, Crunchem Hall. Since Matilda’s parents could notice a cockroach before they would notice Matilda, it is not until Matilda is six and a half that she is finally enrolled in school. 74 more words


Taking Matters Into Her Own Hands: Act I

Matilda Wormwood is an exceptionally bright and talented young girl, with exceptionally neglectful parents, and a thug brother. By the time she was two, Matilda had learned what most people don’t know until their thirties: how to take care of things herself. 58 more words