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Talking God's Prayer

Amid the high stratus clouds
In the house made of dawn
In the house that was raised at dawn,
Upon the road lit by the dawn, 357 more words


Not My Circus?

This morning, on fellow blogger Stef’s Daily Delights, I encountered this Polish proverb: Not my circus, not my monkeys!

 Well! I promptly decided to adopt the proverb as my mantra-of-the-day. 502 more words

Personal Essay

She Makes Them at Home in the Land (Monster Slayer part 7)


She called out that one’s name,
Four times she called Nayenezgani, Kill-Ogre,
And the canyon walls answered back,
And the rocks heard it. 79 more words


I Visit Qiantang Lake in Spring

(after Bai Juyi)


I could go north to Gushan temple, or west to Jiating.
I could. But here… here, I am between the calm water and the drifting clouds, 308 more words


What a long month

August seemed to crash land and throw us all into a stupor. School started nearly 3 weeks earlier than expected. It took us by surprise. Found out about a week before it started. 366 more words

Monday 11 a.m.

I too have sentimental leanings,
Inchoate sensibilities,
Vague yearnings,
And feel the pull of those
Old, stupid, useful words, like
Love; dreams; desire… 41 more words


On Dreams

Two gates of sleep; the one of horn, the one of ivory.
Odyssey XIX, 560-565

Undermined, toppled, then half washed away
By memory’s undertow,
The gates of sleep are wrack by day; 135 more words