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Those Ancient Oceans

So many touch our life and leave marks on it, even the subtle stranger, the unchained angel, the martyrs and the foolish of heart, the arrogant, and the soul filled;  your spirit has been held in a way that no other will ever fill you in the same way as another has. 732 more words



If the assumption of all economists, government officials and investors is that the population must increase exponentially, what does that suggest for our future?

Being Good To Me 365 - Day 45 - Think Positive

So, it’s no secret over the past 45 days I’ve shared life hasn’t been the best for me since March.

However; I do get into gratitude because say even recently being diagnosed with inner ear deafness in my right ear it’s not that bad really.   363 more words


What Stands Between You & Your Greatest Self?

Do you ever feel like you are on the cusp of being the Next Great Version of yourself, but that it’s just out of your reach? 565 more words


In the Arena

In her book, Daring Greatly, Brene Brown describes “being in the arena” with someone when she quotes from Theodore Roosevelt’s speech “Citizenship In A Republic”, delivered at the Sorbonne (1910): 859 more words


The Holy Spirit's Role in My Spiritual Growth (Romans 8)

While Romans 6-8 is often treated as the section in the book that deals with the Christian walk (growing and changing, Christian living, etc), chapter 8 expounds on the role of the… 1,099 more words

New Testament

One Month: Lessons Learned Part 1

This week marks my one month anniversary of inhabiting the Golden State. A lot can happen in a month.

Things I’ve Learned

I have an accent. 420 more words