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Childish Ways

I stood alone, pouting. I didn’t get the reaction of “Way to go! I’m so proud of you!” when I announced what I thought was a great accomplishment. 166 more words


Poetry Friday: Announcement


I’m quitting social
media cold turkey. I
guess see you later?


Teen Craze

My daughter is now 14 and has the attitude of a 30 year old. I don’t know how we quite got here in this place we are. 143 more words


Personalizing Tolerance Continued

As promised, though with a bit of a delay, we are picking up where we left off two weeks ago.  I gave you the assignment of noticing yourself when faced with opinions, beliefs or attitudes that are different from our own. 496 more words


This is Me...Being Excruciatingly Vulnerable

So, I just turned 24

My daughter just turned 2

I’m on the last leg of my Master’s program…

Life is flying at lightning speed. 1,019 more words


Surrender to Your Editor

One of the jobs that I enjoyed the most before I became an entrepreneur was working as a book editor for a small publishing company in Northern Virginia. 848 more words



The Israelites could’ve died out in Babylon. They could’ve seen their captivity as the end of them. They could’ve given up all hope.

Instead they chose to listen to their God and grow. 112 more words