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Organic is not fast enough, acquisitions

If organic growth is too slow or just not the right choice, what are your other options?  Acquisition, partnership, or maybe a joint venture could be the answer.   350 more words


Dreading the Holidays: Dysfunction with a Dose of Curiosity

Here we are! Thanksgiving is tomorrow! You may be on your way to your Thanksgiving destination, preparing to travel, preparing your own home for the arrival of friends and family or already on the dysfunction train. 535 more words


Random thoughts: After the storm

“You can’t find rainbows when your constantly lost in the storm”… Sometimes you just have to let go of the ties that blind you to find that damn pot of gold! 38 more words


The Flying Mind

November 25


When my brain flies out my ear, destination unknown, I am left mentally bereft.  I feel intellectual convolution and show no affliction other than my inability to fulfill my assignments.  348 more words


Discovery Series: What Are You Good At?

What are you good at?

If you are curious about your life’s purpose, it will be hard to identify if you can’t answer the above question. 408 more words

Life Coaching

Serving Joyfully // ILLUMINATE 2015

Everybody has those things in her life that she would be much happier without: doing the dishes, finishing homework, cleaning your room (if you’re like me, you’re convinced there is a mess monster in there who throws clothing all over the floor while you’re not home). 337 more words

Treasures Of Her Heart

Like Peace

November 24


Peace, like an elephant on my chest; I can’t breathe but at least we are not fighting.  The rigid air hangs like sheets on the line, stiff but dry.  331 more words