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The Search for Peace

The last few days have brought some unsettled feelings that have once again reminded me that there is still baggage to deal with and more on the path that needs clearing. 227 more words


Growth and Expansion

Maybe sometimes you have to go backward to move forward?

I’m growing and expanding my saying ‘no’ characteristic and I wonder if moving backward is moving forward. 449 more words


Maybe That's All I Have

I figured by the time I was the age I am now that I would have no more wondering left, that I would pretty much be in a place that I knew everything about myself. 1,076 more words

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

The more I learn about our brains, the more I know we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” By far, one of the most amazing features of the brain to me is that relationships can actually form and change the structure of our brains. 383 more words



Success is the achievement of a goal. Without goals, there can be no success. I read that in Gregg Levoy’s excellent book called This Business of Writing. 191 more words



April 17


Luck, transposed for gratitude, makes a mockery of grief and loss.  If you are lucky, what does that make me?  The forgotten?  The orphan of fate?  264 more words


Take Your Feelings As They are

Feelings are an important part of you. In order to live fully and effectively, you need many sources of information (e.g., your senses, your thoughts, your perceptions) to guide you, motivate you, and help you make sense of things. 163 more words

Changing Habits