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The Business of Action

There are many keys to being successful in business.  Depending on who you ask will depend on what type of answer you get, and the order in which they list the keys to success. 440 more words


On my way

My theme song as I grow and change.. I am a work in process, but my wings are on the way.. I’m getting ready to fly…


Hold the Line

July 22


Relax is not the same as give up.  Unwind is not fray.  Let go doesn’t mean never grab hold.  It is important to have moderation in all things including moderation.  252 more words


Confessions of a Horrible Person: What I learned from Cards Against Humanity

It’s no hidden secret that my favorite game is Cards Against Humanity. How millennial of me. But it is. Somewhere between the uncouth jokes and the “I’m  1,265 more words


Ignorance, Expose Thyself!


Today, I made friends with a sticky note.

 When you get stuck at Dev Bootcamp (and you’re bound to get stuck at Dev Bootcamp), you can do one of three things: 699 more words

Dev Bootcamp

Vacation Drool or Thoughts From The Sea

Our family is on vacation this week at Myrtle Beach, SC. I thought it was a vacation from my job, but it turns out it is a vacation from “normal.” It has been a chance to slow down and do some thinking. 373 more words

What do you do to get love?

It’s been an interesting few weeks here in Goddess Breakfast Land. Keri and I have intermittently been building blanket forts to hide beneath and rolling around the floor laughing outrageously at our own antics. 862 more words