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Divine Delays

There are a lot of things that have been holding me back from taking my writing career to that next level but the biggest thing has been fear. 479 more words

Taking a step

As I sit back and think about all that I have done, all that I want to do, and how much time there may or may not be, I cannot help but to stop and think, “Why am I thinking and not doing?” 375 more words

What to expect when nobody's expecting

As a play of words on the famous series of pregnancy guides, “What to expect when nobody’s expecting” is a book about the upcoming population implosion. 162 more words

Struck by Lightning!

Today I learned a crazy technique for blocking in arms in gestures and sketches. I was watching several videos from Sycra on how to practice drawing, how to draw arms, and how to draw in proportion. 280 more words

Creating a Masterpiece of Love

This is how I look when I wake up (Yes, of course I am always wearing shades!!!). No, I don’t have any make up which is obvious and my hair isn’t fried from a straightener. 377 more words


I wrestled with her today. Thoroughly and completely until my head hurt from the excessive provision of rebuttals to every negative thought that arose in my consciousness. 139 more words

Personal Account

Truth Or Fiction: Monistat For Hair Growth

Dr. Kari Williams, Organic Hair Professional and Trichologist answers the query: Does Monistat (Vaginal Yeast Infection Cream) grow hair: Reality or Fiction

The blogosphere explodes when there’s news of a achievable resolution to hair loss. 12 more words

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