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UNPUBLISHED PRIVATE BOOK! - Like Mother Like Son: A Dysfunctional Self (Part I)

 Like Mother Like Son:

A Dysfunctional Self (Part I)

Ahmed Helmy

Copyright 2014 by Ahmed Helmy



A Pink Childhood

This book has got to be one of my works that I’ve never been able to work on, easily. 2,277 more words

Spring Cleaning

Some of you know I’ve started my own business. Tempest Mystic Products is my baby. I sell handmade incense, room sprays made from essential oils, and I’m starting to make bath salts. 337 more words

Everyday Life

You will never be to some what you are to others

There are some people who will, from the beginning, find out about your authentic self in its fully raw form.  The self that has multiple personalities all clashing with one another, that comes with destruction, beauty, over analysis, incoherence, aspirations, hopelessness, a stagnant sense of being a non entity, an overwhelming feeling of being part of a collective whole, and of being in and being the universe, both at once.   328 more words

Personal Development

The Invisible Mound

I’ve written over 300 blog posts over the past two and a half years, not counting the post I’ve written for other sites. Over the past six to eight months, I’ve thought some about compiling these posts for a book or something, and a few weeks ago, I started dumping them into random files on my computer before I realized that this wasn’t the purpose of… 272 more words

Personal Journey

Day 486: Going Back To My Roots

Class reunions and anniversaries of milestones in my life help me remember the old me.  They are like a mirror reflecting back the me I used to be.   169 more words


No matter what...I'll be just fine

Yesterday I learned, that no matter what, my mother would rather hold on to her painful feelings than hold on to me.  Seriously, it’s not a surprise.   1,084 more words

Self Improvement

200 Words or Under - OTPI: 0-14 in 4 minutes!

As a child grows it is often very difficult, especially for parents, to notice the small changes that are occurring all the time, until suddenly they’re “all grown up”. 103 more words