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Why do we hold on to things?


I think I am a packrat. There, I said it. 

It’s been six years since I moved to a new town and I still have various boxes, filled to the brim with items and memorabilia from my past life. 336 more words

Loving myself

I have been so hard on myself lately while looking at my “flaws” and things I want to change that I decided it would be good to express the things I love about myself. 201 more words

Life, Love And Passion

a little intro.

Sometimes, I look back at snippets of my life and can’t believe that what happened, happened. It’s as though I’m looking at my life as an observer, completely devoid of attachment to any of the events that occurred. 146 more words


Break Every Chain

There’s this gospel song that I love by Tasha Cobbs entitled “Break Every Chain”.

It’s been very relevant to especially my current life because I have so much going on. 666 more words

Didn't Cha Know?


I see the struggle in your face, it shows

You’re mad and cross at grace, I know

To calm your fear, you try control

But fear’s driven out by love, that’s all… 77 more words


Death Song #1 (originally published at The Literary Yard)

First published here.

March mourning mornings are punc-tu-a-ted
By letters that look like consolations,
Congratulations that sound like condolences.
Dreams die when we let them… 140 more words

Literary Yard

Something big always starts with something small.

Many people around my age are constantly boggled by the question, “What are you going to do once you graduate from university?” I am halfway through my undergrad program, and trust me, I sit and ponder this question quite often. 420 more words