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Two (+/-) thoughts on meditation


I had an encounter with a difficult person this week. This person was aggressive with everyone in our project and abusive to some; erratic, manipulative, and apparently impervious to social cues. 568 more words


Religion IS A Crutch

Ever heard someone lash out with the words “Religion is a crutch!”  Most of us have heard it more than once.  Many who say they have a faith in Christ get offended, or highly defensive, when they hear this popular criticism.   576 more words

Christian Living

Choices of The Sun

We are trees growing branches of choice
The branch splits; going one way or another

The tree trusts; The tree knows
The way to grow each branch is his own… 70 more words


NaPoWriMo #21


I’ve been trading the very essence of my soul of late … for what I imagined would be a human life … with the hope of love with a man … to hold me in the dark of the night when all seems cold and witness is ever blind to our truest courage … or even  for a moment or two in the light of day while I could feel some depth of self more promising than only that which I give to myself … I am enough in many ways … we all are enough in the many ways we let ourselves be … we tell ourselves we are when having those silent conversations about the constant that drives us forward to blend into the flow they ask us to … I have stepped outside of the ride … the stream so many hide in … the sacrifice, assured~nesses of the inner matrix exchange remains … for watching the sun kiss the horizon every afternoon, listening to water speak to mud … for the sight of a flycatcher nesting on light ledges … and my Mother telling me of her feeding the opossum triplets all Winter, how they run to the sound of her voice fat bellies bumping on the snow … What do you fill a soul with ? 332 more words

Poetry And Prose From The Author

Lately I’ve had nothing but time to think about where I’d like to see my little fae and I go as a D/s couple.

We have a fairly Solid idea of things we’d like to try BDSM wise, Including the fact that we’d like to help, educate and share our experiences. 562 more words



The Meridional Overturning Circulation, which is a global network of density-driven ocean currents, has 3 levels: “faster”, “slower”, or “off”. Your life – Muni rides crushed between two large men who don’t want you there, wino nights where you forget to eat dinner ’til you’re too hungry to go to bed, beach days where you just sit there and feel the tears warm cheeks that have been chilled by the Northern breeze- it all happens within the parameters of this system as well. 349 more words


Everybody acts like they don’t care. Everybody is scared to love, because they think its going to hold them back. It’s nothing wrong with humbling yourself and admitting you were hurt or you care. 121 more words