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The Calm Before the Storm

Our next group post will conveniently be our 100th post. So we’ve decided to bust out the big guns for it.



Of Getting on the Bandwagon and the Start of a Journey

So after a lot of putting-off, lazying off, distractions, and other such excuses, I finally joined the George RR Martin bandwagon. Yes, I can finally say that I am member of the A Song of Ice and Fire (or Game of Thrones; take your pick) club. 522 more words

Erratic Rambling

A Game of Thrones

by George R. R. Martin

Rating: ★★★★ 4 Stars

“We are only humans, and the gods have fashioned us for love. That is our great glory, and our great tragedy.”

317 more words

Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 9/22/14

Looks like we’ve got a “what name is it?” theme going on”since this next cosplay is Yara Greyjoy changed from Asha Greyjoy in the books. This was done to not confuse her with… 111 more words


George R. R. Martin vs. Spelling

As promised, here’s my newest (and belated) cartoon!

This has bothered me ever since first watching Game of Thrones (and then even more so when reading it).  472 more words


On a Scale of 1 to George R. R. Martin, How Bloody Is Your Novel?

American author George Raymond Richard Martin, often referred to as GRRM, and better known as George R. R. Martin, is famous for his complex plot lines and complicated characters, but let’s face it, what we love the most about his writing is the violence and sudden deaths. 136 more words


On World Ofs

Well, it looks like George R R Martin has been busy. If not actually writing the next book in his epic (no rush, seriously – there doesn’t seem to be much on the horizon in terms of massive book series right now, except for Brandon Sanderson and admittedly he can pretty much carry the entire genre himself right now as far as I’m concerned), then… 414 more words

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