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Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 12/22/14

As we inch closer and closer to Christmas Day the parade of white haired beauties continues with this delectable Daenerys .  I think this cosplay embodies more of the Mother of Dragons’ innocence and idealism than anything else. 83 more words


The Great ONe GRRM Weights in On The Sony and Movie Chain Pull Out of The Interview.

Corporate Cowardice

  • Dec. 17th, 2014 at 9:27 PM

This one is surreal.

In a stunning display of corporate cowardice, Regal, AMC, and  every other major theatre chain in the United States have cancelled their plans to show the new Seth Rogen/ James Franco comedy THE INTERVIEW, because of — yes, seriously, this is not a SOUTH PARK sketch (though I expect it soon will be) —  threats from North Korea. 23 more words


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 12/18/14

The cold winds are coming; the dark is rising; the white walkers stalk the night…

While we wait for The Winds of Winter (and have to be content with… 41 more words


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 12/15/14

Winter is coming lest we forget, and vengeance is coming, too. Just a small glimpse of Arya’s future or of what that future might be. The youngest Stark daughter may be clothed in a dress, but she most certainly still has a sword.


30 Day Game Of Thrones Challenge - Day 30

With this post…the series of Game of Thrones Challenge comes to a close. I thank Patrick (who has his own lovely blog on GOT), Santulan… 113 more words

30 Day Challenge

30 Day Game Of Thrones Challenge - Day 29

Day 29: Free day

Today, I will tell you a very weird thing. I don’t know…but ever since I have known that this man is pure evil walking free, I have hated him to the core. 71 more words

30 Day Challenge

30 Day Game Of Thrones Challenge - Day 28

Day 28: If you were to be in Westeros, which profession would you like to take up?

I would be a Maester by profession. Why? Well, I have a certain thirst for knowing everything that exists in the world. 71 more words

30 Day Challenge