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Jorah Mormont, the Antagonist

Who isn’t a fan of George R. R. Martin’s books? What? There are people who don’t like the vast array of characters, complicated plot lines, and general misfortune that befalls every character? 387 more words


Beyond Westeros- Sisters of the Spear

Sisters of the Spear is an anthology of “seventeen original and exciting” fantasy tales featuring heroines of color, set in realms of magic, monsters and myth outside of the Eurocentric norm. 1,281 more words


A Girl in Grey: Rethinking Melisandre’s Vision in ADwD

Warning: The following content contains spoilers for The Winds of Winter



“I have seen your sister in my fires, fleeing from this marriage they have made for her.

1,452 more words

So... about that whole Syrio Forel thing

OK I have been avoiding talking about Syrio Forel, because it is one of those ASOIAF/GoT topics that just brings out the crazy in so many people.   504 more words

George RR Martin and Robin Hobb live in London for Harper Voyager

WINTER is coming, but it was the last rays of warm sunshine that bathed the expectant line outside the Freemasons Hall in Central London this week. 1,263 more words

Missing characters in ASOIAF/GoT

While writing about Jaqen H’Ghar and Syrio Forel the other day, it occurred to me that there are a number of characters whose fate is uncertain.   676 more words

The Faceless Men in ASOIAF/GoT

So I haven’t written much lately, and I have been meaning to do something about that.

I have had this idea in my mind about some stuff from the books (and some on TV too, but mostly the books) concerning the mysterious assassins from Braavos: … 1,180 more words