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What's my Password !?

It is common that we have multiple accounts with multiple passwords and managing them would be tough without using a Password Manager. Web portals or accounts provide a way to reset your password, but what about your Desktop/Laptop? 354 more words

How to Turn Thanksgiving Leftovers into Tailgating Success!

We all know that this is the biggest week in College Football, but it’s also a time to give thanks for all our blessing and spend time with our family.   141 more words


Sicnic: Chocolate Toothpaste

If you grew up or went to school in Bedfordshire then there will be no mystery for you surrounding chocolate toothpaste and its healing effects (not strictly true). 284 more words


Will EventBus.post() deliver event if configChanges occur or if activity in background?

I read documentation here but there is no clear explanation will event trigger if configChanges occur in activity or if activity in background with EventBus.getDefault().post() 42 more words

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WTF - Where's The Food

On a mid winter Sunday afternoon, when all the sane people are either napping, watching a movie, munching pop corn or making evening plans… I sit here tweeting food photos and re-savouring them in my head.. 542 more words

Choose a grub to load between two linux installations


I am assuming that your system has installed two linux in different partition and both have a grub installed in it. In such a system the last installed linux’s grub is used to start the system. 434 more words