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Turn Up Your Tailgate With BACARDI Rum Tailgating Cocktails

Now that football season is in full effect, tailgating is at an all time high! Fans gather beforehand to enjoy good food and drinks to get pumped for game time. 379 more words


Grub rescue

I had triple-boot on my system. Windows 8, windows 7 and Ubuntu and all the boot management done by Ubuntu Grub of course. Almost having all the 3 OS for about 6 months, I started facing difficulties like slowing down, shortage of space, etc and so I decided to delete windows 8. 258 more words


Secrets to my favorite tasty teas.

I grew up in a house where every morning when my Mother woke up she had Lipton black tea (the bags that come in the yellow box) with honey and lemon. 159 more words

grub-install: The file /boot/grub/stage1 not read correctly.

I had to deal with this error while converting an old CentOS 4 install to a virtual machine.
I used a CentOS 6 disk in rescue mode to create a partition scheme similar to the one on the physical machine and then copied the files from the live system, but once chrooted in the newly created install, I couldn’t install grub. 126 more words


The mouthwatering panini that could stop my heart.

The “Heart Stopper” panini at Crave Cafe located in Sherman Oaks and Studio City, California is fabulous. I thought I’d share it with you . I would not think you could find such a delicious palate pleaser with a pastrami panini. 126 more words

Guide to what's on in London in October 2014

Autumn is well and truly here with Hallowe’en here to distract us later in the month from the dropping temperatures. October is dominated by festivals for foodies and film fans, with a host of free events going on around town. 1,925 more words


Fall Snackin' Made Easy With Pumpkin Spice Popcorn

Popcorn is a low calorie snack that is quick and easy to prepare. The healthiest way to serve up popcorn is by popping it stovetop or in this case, in the oven. 215 more words