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As We Have Forgiven Others

God is your shadow at your right hand.

-Psalms 121:5

The Baal Shem Tov taught that God acts toward individuals accordingly as they act toward other people.

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To live, you first must forgive

Have you ever had someone do you so wrong that it changed who you are. Someone you trust lies or steals from you. Someone you love hurts you mentally or physically. 201 more words

Why Grudges Should Not Be Kept But Remembered, Forgive NOT Forget

“Some wounds run too deep for the healing.” J.K. Rowling

Now I am not a person who admires conflict by any means. Now I would like to say that I have been through the worst of the worst when it comes to dealing with people who I thought were trustworthy. 320 more words


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

“There is a strength in letting bygones be bygones.”

Anybody can hold a grudge. It is a very simple and lazy thing to do. 288 more words

The Grudge

I’ve never been one to hold a grudge. When I get mad, I usually take a few minutes to myself, go for a walk or just simply get out of the situation so I can think about things rationally. 375 more words

Where's Eli

The grudge

My mothers scream woke me up early on a late September morning of 2012. My brother and I rushed down stairs not knowing what was going on. 193 more words

The Grudge

Don’t let something so small
crush your shoulders.
Throw it away.

It’ll keep growing, you know?
One day I’ll find you crawling
and shouting “I was right” 18 more words