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i took a knife
shiny and sharp
and sliced it through my chest.
i took my heart out
and gazed at it in awe.
the seeds of grudge i planted… 54 more words


What are you doing to ensure our mutual destruction?  Nothing?  I hope you are doing something.

Here is what I am doing to help destroy us: 159 more words

National Get out of the Dog House Day

Today is about letting go of grudges.

A prefect analogy of what holding on to grudges can do to you, is allowing someone to live rent free inside your head. 553 more words

So far from perfect

It’s interesting how life works. How the connections we make, change and how we interact with others. It’s interesting the way people can make you feel, and the things you might do out of pure craziness. 139 more words

The Challenges of Letting Go

What are you facing right now in your life that you have a hard time letting go of?

1. Self-Doubt

2. Fears/ Phobias

3. Grudges… 34 more words


RAGE = Revenge +Anger+Grudge+Envy is common symptom, shows up unexpectedly in any moment. It flares up to make saints gullible in lowest times, susceptible to fear, anxiety, stress, greed, lack of sleep, distractions or no focus. 1,531 more words