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Before the first tear of joy , escapes a mother’s eye , as she holds her new born close, transpires an emotion that is unseen , unfelt  yet  powerful and real - 956 more words

Life Lessons


Like my dear old grandmother
I find it difficult to budge,
From a negative viewpoint
created by a grudge.

But I can’t say my poor husband… 121 more words


Black And White

They say there is only one real color in this world, and that is white. If you take out some components of white, or like, put it in some sort of a prism to break it down, it is when you will be able to see other shades, and mixtures of one shade with another create different more shades. 208 more words

Fashion Sense

Oh, You Mad?

I can only speak for myself when I say that grudge holding has been a tough one for me to conquer, but God. He sure does have a way of changing our perspective on things. 397 more words


On The Wrong Side Of The Boss

Over the years, I’ve advised several of my employees to quit.

Not because they were doing a bad job.  Quite the contrary.  I thought they were doing great. 333 more words

Traveling With Anger

Do you hold on to anger? Do you ever find yourself in the middle of a tropical island, laying on the beach and all of a sudden whatever grudge it is you’re holding on to, rises to the surface. 246 more words


Forgive Ray Rice?

Forgive ‪#‎RayRice‬? There are a few questions raised by the article and video that will have an impact on their lives. First of all, I am a huge fan of living my life as close to Christ’s as the Word outlines. 172 more words

Mayah King