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Sunday Grumbles 01

I think we all know that Sunday is by far the grumpiest of all days. At least, I find it is; let’s face it. Most of the time you’re either hungover, knackered, bored (or a combination of all three). 477 more words


Heading into the Long Weekend Friday Mishmash!

The last long weekend of summer. *sigh* How the time has flown by. I’m wearing some springtime green to remind myself that it’s all a cycle and spring will come around again. 53 more words


Deaccessioning: A sad post

… Not actually that sad.

Last night we laid out the space and we estimate that between the two of us we can fit in about 11 bookcases in the new apartment. 400 more words

The Blessing of a Bad Day

The good thing about a bad day is that every bad things happen in a day. A normal day would have some nice and some ugly things going on. 93 more words


Before and after: Housing edition

Before:  big, cheap, stupid, and located in hell

After:  small, expensive, smart, nice and in walking distance to everything– restaurants, parks, shopping, grocery stores, public transportation, THE LIBRARY… 151 more words

Pinku Senshi

Hi! A quick post today to show you some absolute must haves!

Firstly, this gorgeous Truth hair is FREE for a limited time in this adorable pastels colour pack. 196 more words

Second Life

I like the easy questions!

I went and checked out a recent ‘Daily Prompt’ from WordPress.com, and it started me thinking.  You know, some answers are so obvious that you just have to be amazed that someone spent time and oxygen to even ask the question. 1,672 more words