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Plovdiv and Sofia - Rediscovering the love of travel (and a few things I've not missed at all)

Bus from Sofia to Plovdiv

It’s been raining for several days.  The air is damp, the ground is wet, the clouds are almost to the road.  1,717 more words


my daily crusades

Here is something I’ve realised over here – UK spoils people. Had I arrived in Brussels straight from Russia, I would not have noticed a thing but 10 years in the UK – and here I am, indignant at the lack of “basic human manners”. 306 more words

little local "delights"

To discover with joy that your local supermarket is now open on Sundays until 6pm (from 4pm), and only to find out the following day that the supermarket nearest to your office now opens at noon on Mondays (from of 8.30am!) 16 more words

in a nutshell [an introduction, of sorts]

With first 6 weeks out of the way, this is much delayed. Hence, without much beating about the bush – my first “Brussels in a nutshell”. 107 more words

New Character Poster and Trailer Preview For ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2‘

DreamWorks has released a new character poster, via ComingSoon.net, for ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2‘ featuring Gobber the Blacksmith and his dragon, Grump. 222 more words


Wrong Side

I definitely got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning; metaphorically speaking. I was in such a grump and I have no idea why. 341 more words