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These are a few of my favorite things: Eagle Creek

I’m convinced that one of the prettiest places in the world can be found at Exit 41 on I-84E. That place is Eagle Creek.

I’ve been out here a couple of times before: once in mid-summer, once with a friend in October, and another time to see the salmon that spawn at the trail head.  788 more words

Pacific Northwest

December 14th - Tetchy

Tetchy – adj: irritably or peevishly sensitive: touchy

I was not born with a sunny disposition. I’ve been a grump before I could talk. Want proof? 102 more words

365 Words Challenge

The Scrooge of Thanksgiving

Everything I write today feels like it needs a qualification behind it.  I feel as though I should be a sort of priestess of Thanksgiving, carrying my gratitude practice into this day like it is my High Holy Day.   537 more words


Attack of the pedants

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye have done more to popularize science for recent generations of Americans than maybe anyone except Carl Sagan. (I grew up learning about the wonders of science from Don Herbert, better known as… 776 more words



“This is “Great”
He said, grinning
Once grumpy
When Gremlins
Appeared to be winning.
He Groaned and he Growled
Till the Grem-u-lins howled.
“This is Great” he said Grinning.
“This is Great”.


Foul Moods

Oh what a grump!

I am such a grump at the moment. I just feel as if everything has plato and it’s all dull and boring and blah. 36 more words