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A snapshot of my brain on anxiety - 80 days

I’m a thinking person. I think about everything, analyze everything, plan everything. Then I rethink it, reanalyze it and replan it. Over and over again until I get overwhelmed by something small and get really, really grumpy. 1,039 more words


[my shopping crusades]

I am surprised this blog is NOT dominated by posts about shops… here is to ‘why':

  1. this week, on the same day the same major supermarket…
  2. 156 more words

'le ticket' [the hated symbol of belgian red tape]

In Brussels, I often feel in Eastern Europe of 15 years ago. Two reasons: (1) people lacking basic manners; (2) redtape. Paperwork here is endless and comes in numerous copies , while appointments usually come with “le ticket”. 256 more words

Week 1

Hey Guys,

My name is Grump and I have been playing World of Warcraft on US-Deathwing Horde for a about one week. As a newly returned player who was frequently disappointed with the pace and commitment required of endgame play I have decided to take a new approach to the game on this play through. 208 more words


holiday duty

…over the past 2 weeks, I have discovered that nearly 80% of restaurants in near-by streets are “on holiday” from mid-July until mid- or end-August!! 51 more words

Day 327 - A Beagle, A Bagel

A beagle, a bagel,
it’s all the rips to me.

A sunflower, manpower,
eleventh-hour flu.

A who’s who, a choo-choo,
a cock-a-doodle-doo.

Mad hatter, cake batter, 15 more words


It's Clobbering (myself) Time!

Infrequent blog posts, depressive summer, and modest impoverishment. If there’s anything I’ve learned these last few months, it’s that there’s a whole bevy of buxom badness waiting to unseat the fragile mind that is the one in possession of your author. 529 more words