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That time I (almost) summited Mount St. Helens

For as long as I can remember, I have had a sort of crush on Mount St. Helens (as much of a crush as one could have on a mountain, of course). 779 more words


Vocally challenged

Oh, that dreadfully hard to pronounce word syllable…


He felt compelled to ponder its use or withdrawal.


A monosyllabic word that he learned to master from such an early age. 86 more words


Ketchup Post: Mount Defiance

For the uninitiated, the Columbia River Gorge is a canyon in the Cascade Range that forms the boundary between Oregon and Washington. It is awesomely beautiful (there’s a reason it’s a national scenic area), and it’s about a forty minute drive from downtown Portland. 865 more words


Billy Frump

Billy Frump was a total complete grump
He was short and on his nose was a lump
He was always shouting
If not then pouting… 7 more words


[a foody heartbreak]

a savoury waffle, as discovered in Antwerp. why can’t they have them in Brussels?! :(  :( 

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

y’all know I’m a fan, right?

Season 02 is not off to a strong start for me.

Aside from the way that mental health is being depicted and the complete lack of support offered to those struggling with theirs…which I have a feeling will be a mini-podcast-rant very soon… 7 more words


A snapshot of my brain on anxiety - 80 days

I’m a thinking person. I think about everything, analyze everything, plan everything. Then I rethink it, reanalyze it and replan it. Over and over again until I get overwhelmed by something small and get really, really grumpy. 1,039 more words