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Grumpy Cat! And A Movie!

Originally posted on November 21, 2014

Yes, we have Grumpy Cat plush! Did you know there is also a Grumpy Cat movie premiering on November 29th on Lifetime! 146 more words

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Regal Relaxation

This seductive African queen is ready to enjoy a cup of mukumbi wine (made from the fruit of the marula tree), but her pet wildcat isn’t in such a cheerful mood. 20 more words


A Grumpy Cat Christmas


“Deck the halls? Deck me in the face.”

I have just wasted one and a half hours of my life watching a crazy, fourth-wall smashing, utterly inane, and utterly strange movie featuring the misadventures of a rather unhappy cat. 477 more words


I'll Get You, My Pretty... And Your Little Kitten/Bunny, Too

In a move certain to make Grumpy Cat even more surly, Russian tax collectors have started arresting cats and holding them in custody to motivate delinquent tax payers to make good on their obligations. 142 more words


Christmas Movies: Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever (2014)

Even the most jaded among us needs a little blast of cuteness from time to time, and if that cuteness comes with a sarcastic commentary and a nice gentle plot, all the better. 451 more words



Hey everybody!

We’ve done it! For all of you who finished up exams this week, cheers! They are over! Time for holiday break! Yahooooo!! I am so excited! 335 more words