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grumbling grumpily

Have you seen that Grumpy Cat about on the web? (I haven’t linked to any of the pages; but I’m sure you could google it for yourself if you haven’t yet encountered the fabulous feline.) In any case, that was pretty much how I felt yesterday as I battled my trans-seasonal cold and tried not to cough and splutter like a car that’s running on too few cylinders. 88 more words


Falmouth grumpster

Always pissed off, outside spar, Falmouth UK


Mor Grumpy Cat

Because sometimes life is too serious.


Go Away. It is Monday morning

This is just way to cute! Oh ya, and it is my monday morning face.

Colors Of My Life

I got your grumpy cat right here, pal (and Iggy learns a valuable life lesson).

Hello, Boo.

Hello human.

What’s wrong?

Everything’s wonderful. What could be wrong?

Don’t get passive-aggressive, Boo. What’s the matter?

Can you explain to me how Grumpy Cat is making movies now? 364 more words


Kat Friday Funnies

It’s FURiday!

Finally the weekend is here- the time that humans know they’re only a few hours away from blissful escapism fur a few days, and also time fur us kats to relax and LET THE FUR FLY! 23 more words