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Johtuneeko kuumuudesta vai huonosta tuurista, mutta tämä viikko on tuntunut poikkeuksellisen rankalta töissä. Niinpä kotiin päästyäni avasin koneen, ja aloin hihittämään ääneen grumpy cat kuville!

Just For Fun

Grumpy Cat Goes To Hollywood

Lifetime Network has announced that it has just started shooting Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever.  Declared the Internet’s Most Influential Cat by Friskies for the month of July, has her own Cheerios commercial, and even made a guest appearance on QVC selling life-sized Grumpy Cat plushies.  302 more words


What's on my shelf

I’m the type of person that likes to throw things away. Old? Throw it out. Damaged? Chuck it. Haven’t use it in three years? Goodbye! Don’t get me wrong, sometimes throwing something away can be a bad idea, especially when you actually need it. 339 more words


I love my feast crew

There are 2 significant others (usually, but not always, featuring an additional super star) that I enjoy trying out new restaurants with and eating until we’re about to explode. 262 more words

The Bachelorette- Andi gives her final rose

If you’re reading this, then that means that you spent three hours of your night last night watching The Bachelorette and After the Final Rose. Which means that you know what happens in the end. 1,020 more words

TV Recaps- Bachelorette

Five Years After Death of Horoscopes

Already after five years of being cleansed of Astrology, World Humans have embraced the scientific personal daily forecast of reading entrails of slaughtered bovine to plan the day. 147 more words


Grumpy Cat Becomes President!

Welcome President Grumpy Cat!

Happy or mad, the United States voted Grumpy Cat into office! She is the first cat President in world history.

Born Tarter Sauce in 2012, Tardar Sauce’s face appears grumpy because of feline dwarfism and an under bite. 27 more words

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