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Falling Out

In case you missed the news this week from the nation’s capital:

Old friends John McCain and John Kerry have had a falling out. During a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing earlier this week, the 77-year-old Arizona senator ripped into the 70-year-old Secretary of State in words and tone that were as surprising to observers as they were hostile. 527 more words

You know this hobo?

UGH. I watched the regular version without noticing there was a Producer’s Cut. UGHHHHH. I’ll have to watch later. #annoyed

The Flu 2. Poor Larry in the quarantine tent. 559 more words


Why do we go on holiday

Why do we go on holiday, especially special far-flung holidays where we cannot speak the local language, where we have little or no knowledge of the local food or water resources, and where we are placing our safety in the hands of strangers who will have no concern or knowledge of us or our requirements for little more than a few days… 880 more words

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G.I. Community

I know absolutely nothing about G.I. Joe. Like, I thought it was one guy, but it’s the whole group? My brother had a G.I. Joe and I remember having elaborate events with the one G.I. 291 more words

Ahoy Spoilers


Mindy Lahiri/Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal. I mean, I seriously wish she was. I wish I was as hip, fashionable, smart, and clever as she is. 932 more words


Micropubs: revolution in the making or just five grumpy old men in a 10ft square space?

The micropub movement – numbers now past 40 and rising, with new examples seemingly opening every week – seems to have avoided any sort of critical backlash so far, probably because it’s still very, very tiny (like the pubs themselves). 1,259 more words


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What else do two lonely grumpy old men who also happen to be played by one of the best comedy teams of all time,Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon, need more than Ann Margret. 235 more words

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