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Grumpy Old Men


The President of the United States and the British Prime Minister released a joint statement yesterday saying, “…There are over one billion Muslims in the world…and the vast majority…are sickened by what happened in Paris.” (Paraphrased) What is a “vast majority?”  Seventy percent? 576 more words


We're Having a Heat Wave

The temps are starting to drop here in Minnesota, which means warming my Forester up in the morning is quite the experience. Thank God for heated seats is all I can say. 63 more words

Lindsay Valenty

Beating up the Grumpy Old Man

When I was a new adult, 18-22 years old, I thought I was a goof ball.  Maturity hit me late so I didn’t really physically “fill in” until 19, but mentally I still loved silly humor and not having any responsibility.  716 more words

Forgotten Christmas Movies

With Christmas season upon us, its time for the networks to start barraging us with the same Christmas movie marathons and re-runs they do each year. 417 more words


We find three friends living in a nursing home for retired musicians. They have performed together, years ago, and remember those days fondly, but their days of entertaining are not quite over. 423 more words


Throwback Thursday-Grumpy Old Men (1993) and Grumpier Old Men (1995)

There is something about a long time friendship. After decades of being around each other, there is a short hand that exists between the two friends. 191 more words

Movie Review