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Road Trip to L.A.

Yay I’m going to L.A. for four days! Since my family and I are always so busy during the summer, were taking a couple of days to relax! 142 more words


Get The Grunge Looking Hair

Seeing as I already featured the grunge look in my last post on fashion, figured why not with it and step-by-step instructions on how to complete the look with a grunge looking hairstyle. 220 more words

Walk-in Closet

Best Friends - 7 Years & Counting

It’s definitely been a long week. Between prepping to go to Chicago for my internship, getting my project ready, and starting school, it’s super overwhelming. I’m trying to get through everything with a smile though, rather than letting it drag me down. 170 more words


Youth Spirit

For this look i’m mixing it up a little and wearing something different from what I usually wear. I wanted to do something a little more grunge and 90′s inspired and this is the result. 117 more words


Brandy Melville - Racial Profiling - Part 2

I first want to say a quick thank you to everyone who reached out to me on social media, making sure I was ok after my bad experience at Brandy Melville (the San Francisco location). 511 more words


the search for a record

Sometimes you just need to re-find a song you once loved. You’ll have to trawl through op shops, or the occasional record market though, as independent record shops are few & far between these days, with only a few having survived the hard times. 109 more words


Fluorescent Adolescent


If you recognized the title of my post, congratulations, we can be best friends! If you didn’t keep reading cause I’m about to introduce you to one of the greatest indie rock bands. 612 more words