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the Deliverance of 603

I am the bread box of this life.

I am a 603 soul…

tangy, tangible,twang

secluded, secular, whole.

Our Town, mine and theirs, grunge and danger… 110 more words


Mini Photo Book

I made some little Photo Books (4.25 x 5.5 in). I’m so happy with how they turned out.  I put these up for sale in my Etsy shop here: … 237 more words

Postage Collection (Hostess Set)

REVIEW: Castaway - "Space To Run"

Punk rock is a very versatile genre. No matter what the “ugh, it’s just three chords blah blah blah” assholes says. It is a genre that has evolved, adapted, and become more and more interesting over time. 381 more words


fashion click friday: majtees

I ran across this online shop, MAJTEES, recently, and I think I’m obsessed! I’m not much of a graphic-tee-type-of-girl, but these ones are just too cute to pass up! 92 more words


I'm sad.

I bet over half of the teenagers in this world has experienced or is experiencing a feeling that is the worst.Sadness.Or maybe even worse,depression.I don’t know i’m not exactly old enough to talk about this kinda topic but i think i have to.Reason is because i might be going through it in the future.In my goddamn child mindset,i think teens are going through depression because other people don’t treat them like they want to be treated as.These teens wanna be recognized,loved,cared about and remembered.They are afraid these won’t happen so they turned depressed and start to self harm and all those stuff.Other reasons.Teenagers wants to be happy and wild and free but they’re literally not allowed to.Well like me.People like adults or other ‘friends’ make fun of them and they start to think really low of themselves they have the feeling of wanting to die.Well that’s suicidal but well that is the second stage of depression I guess.((first is sadness))K idk what i just said so yeah sorry for the poorly written blog for todeii.

The Wytches

The Wytches – Gravedweller

this groove