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Unified ASP.NET 5 - Using MVC 6, WEB API and Entity Framework 7 in an Application

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Visual Studio 2015 Preview comes with some new and exciting enhancements for web development, cloud development and cross-platform mobile development. A prominent change in this release is the unification and combination of MVC, WEB API and Web Pages in a single programming framework called as  MVC 6 which removes the overlap between the three frameworks. 45 more words

Web Applications

YouTrack and TeamCity used for continuous integration of grunt tasks

As a long time user of Resharper, I found WebStorm an IDE of choice when coding in JavaScript. I won’t go on the basics of npm and grunt, you can find a lot of references for it. 103 more words

Continuous Integration

Gulp, as a better Grunt? Automate your frontend development workflow fully!

Let’s quickly describe all the pros of having your development workflow automated and show the pros and cons of advanced grunt setup.

Then we’ll switch to Gulp – a new and pretty decent tool, with a very quick, easy and clean way to being configured. 48 more words


Grunt: How to embed the content of files in JavaScript Files

When working with any project, large or small, I almost always break up the source into different files in order provide clarity and maintain small working components. 606 more words


OSX Bootstrap

Click to Read: Script to set up a Mac OS X workstation for web development. It installs Homebrew, YADR, Chrome, Dropbox, Firefox, Sublime Text 2, Node.js, Grunt, and much more.