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Automated testing with Grunt and Jasmine

On my last post Conway’s Game of Life I’ve used jasmine for testing my code.

Now, I would like to show how to automate the process of running all the tests.   267 more words


Javascript Package Management – NPM – Bower – Grunt

When I was writing my previous post about Java EE and Angular, I was overwhelmed with all the javascript files that I needed to include in my application to implement the behaviour that I was looking for. 2,294 more words


Process, process, process

In the development world, it’s how you get to Carnegie Hall.  The more your processes flow seamlessly, the more productive you’ll be.  I’ve been neglecting my processes with my project, and it shows, every change I make, I have to re-run the build process, restart the server, and refresh the browser.   912 more words

grunt2gulp: a tool for converting Grunt task-runner files to Gulp.js

grunt2gulp is a tool for converting Gruntfiles to Gulp.js files.

There’s a new task runner around, Gulp.js, and it’s supposedly very good (haven’t had a chance to try it yet) but there are still many projects using Grunt. 170 more words


The Sims 2 - Strangetown #7

Let’s go and check in on the Grunt family!!! 148 more words


Konfy: configuration of node and webapps made easy

I wrote a small utility module Konfy, which allows you to configure your node and/or (browserified) webapps easily.

It was aimed to fulfil following requirements: 50 more words


Installing Roots 7.0.0 on Wordpress

With the last release Roots 7.0.0 has introduced some new features and the installation is a little bit changed. To install it (without Bedrock) follow these steps: 116 more words