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This article aims at introducing you to some of the currently most popular tools when developing modern web applications with JavaScript. These are totally not new at all and have been around for a couple of years now. 2,707 more words


Speed up JavaScript TDD routine - Run test modules incrementally as you edit or debug them


In this post I’ll show how you can configure Mocha test runner and Grunt Watcher task to execute unit tests for individual modules.

I’ll refer to a solution I posted on… 758 more words


Handling static files versioning using grunt-hashres

While looking for a simple but yet effective way to handle my static file versions, I found the awesome grunt-hashres Grunt plugin. Its job is to give each static file a unique version and also update references to the file with current version. 61 more words

Splitting large Grunt files using node.js export capabilities

Grunt is an awesome tool. I use it everyday and I cannot think of working without it. As time passed by, our Gruntfile.js file became really big, and managing this file has become a real bummer. 162 more words

JavaScript Unit Test: Steps toward more perfect code

Why unit test?

Given the event-driven nature of javascript front-end architecture, over time it is inevitable that the project will slowly spiral into ever greater “event handler” entropy — to a point that even the Wise Ones would scratch their heads wondering how the update of a seemingly trivial object in one component had possibly resulted in the creation of the Universe in another. 1,670 more words

Agile Development

Introduction to Grunt


Lets explore a new trendy task runner i.e., grunt today…


Built on top of Node.js, Grunt is a task-based command-line tool that speeds up workflows by reducing the effort required to prepare assets for production. 272 more words

Grunt Tutorial For Beginners

Installing tools to develop modern JavaScript and Angular applications

We are far from years where JavaScript was a language only to validate form fields within HTML pages. Modern JavaScript applications leverage advanced tools, frameworks and libraries to build them but also to package them. 580 more words