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wild find

My area, like so many others, used to be farmland. Farmlands are often edged in brambles, and brambles often mean wild berries—strawberries, blackberries, currants. 100 years ago, during the warmer months, people would take baskets out to the brambly edges, fill them with whatever happened to be growing there, and pick until their fingers were stained and the baskets were full. 245 more words

Step 1 - This Friday

Wake up, grunt.  This will remind you that you are, indeed, a man.  You may not have the blue collar job.  You may have to attend dance recitals or watch romantic movies with your wife—but make no excuses for being a man.  12 more words


Foolproof Way To Feel Like A Dummkopf

Step 1: Smile and wave to someone politely in the store. (Bonus points if it’s someone good-looking. EXTRA bonus points if it’s someone good-looking with their equally as good-looking friends.) 75 more words

Random Daily Musings

Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs

I have started a new series called DRILL SARGE FOR ENTREPRENEURS at my Hugh Simpson site. You might find my 40 plus years of being a serial and parallel entrepreneur helpful. 24 more words

Grunt watch and livereload with Apache

You may have seen live-reload functionality, where a web page automatically refreshed during development whenever you make a change to any of its HTML, Javascript, or CSS files.  156 more words


Apache Pig in a blog - Part I

Pig is an Apache open source project in the Hadoop ecosystem, that can be used to write parallelized dataflows on top of Hadoop.

Pig vs Hive… 848 more words