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The Gruntfile

The Gruntfile.js or Gruntfile.coffee file is a valid JavaScript or CoffeeScript file that belongs in the root directory of your project, next to the package.json file, and should be committed with your project source. 7 more words


Grunt: Get Set Go!

Grunt is a javascript task runner that provides automation for repetitive tasks like minification, compilation, unit testing, linting, etc.


Install Node.js from http://nodejs.org/ as grunt runs on top of it. 558 more words


Grunt for Web Components

Grunt for Web Components

As I learned the Bosonic web components I wanted to make sure that the Grunt file was setup for testing and be capable of more than one html component. 663 more words

Web Components

How to Scope 3rd Party Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) with Grunt

Every client side web developer or even the occasional advanced user knows what a closure is suppose to do and why it is important to keep all variable within a private scope. 618 more words


Faster Grunt Workflow

I use Grunt for everything I can these days. It’s really great. If you do front-end work, but haven’t tried it before, please stop now and go check it out. 498 more words


Building icon fonts with Grunt

Learn how to generate your icon web fonts

In this post I will try to explain how to use Grunt.js to automate the creation icon fonts from SVG or EPS files. 905 more words