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Guess what guys!
July is coming to an end and school is starting again.
And I’m amazed at the series of things that have happened recently. 105 more words


Boosted: How to terrorize motorists and tear up a highway

Check out this video depicting a collection of street racers in the States drag racing one another down the highway. Gixxer 750 thrown into the mix as well. 22 more words


Where 20042005 Suzuki GSXR 600 750 LED TailLights Brake

Original submit can be mild feeling, yet concurrently predictable. Steering fact is 1 smooth, linear movement via straight in order to knee-on-the-deck total low fat. Through the front in order to backed, the framework does a great job regarding telegraphing what’s happening in both ends. 283 more words

Throwback Thursday.

The original and the game changer in the world of motorcycling. Everything changed once these things were released on to the unsuspecting public. In 1985 Suzuki released the GSX-R 750.

Harga Suzuki GSXR600 lebih mahal dari GSX750

Pagi-pagi bikin masakan soto sedang banyak kerjaan >,<, jalan-jalan ke TPT ga ada kode yang delicious buat di makan. Ya sudah mampir ke NJKB Jakarta saja eh ada kode si GSXR 600 entah melalui ATPM kayak beberapa tahun lalu atau kah lewat importir umum. 229 more words


Two Wheels and Cold Hands

If someone were to ask me to define ‘freedom’ in 2 words it would be “two wheels”. A seat supported by twin circular objects covered in rubber tread; the entities are numerous and available to all, however, in this respect I am referring to the motorised variety, specifically a Suzuki GSXR-600. 811 more words

ATDS and Suspension Settings

Hello all! It has been quite a while since I updated the blog. Hope that everybody’s been well and enjoying their bikes!

New Rear Spring… 688 more words