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Trey Burke talks family, interview skillz and his off-season focus

Has there been a most surprising night of the year for you?
Curry. The night Curry went for 44. It was just, like, he couldn’t miss. 1,336 more words


Alec Burks talks family, God-given ability and contortionist moves

** Are you better than you used to be, or have you just gotten more of a chance to show what you can do?
I feel like I have more chance, you know? 1,477 more words


Derrick Favors talks self-esteem, reading, staying in college, leadership and Karl Malone

** Your passing is so much better than it used to be…
Actually, I always been a good passer, to tell you the truth…I could always pass. 1,743 more words


Engaging developers

As Bluefish developer I’m not really tightly involved with gnome and gtk development. However, it is our platform, and although we ship OSX and Windows binaries, most of our users are on Linux, many of them using Gnome. 486 more words

Open Source

Gordon Hayward talks family, contract situation and being a number one option

Is being the number one option that different?
It’s different, as far as, you know, a lot of teams kinda focus on you a little bit, and they try to take you out of what you like to do. 647 more words


GTK Design anpassen

Nach dem letzten Update in Ubuntu 12.04 sah mein GTK plötzlich ganz anders aus. Das Design hatte sich verändert und ich fragte mich wie ich das wohl wieder umstellen kann. 53 more words


Get to Know: Trey Burke

From David Locke’s “Get to Know” series with Jazz players.

First team ever played on: Youth For a Positive Image League at 5 years old. 565 more words