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AMS Puts Weathermen On Notice. Stop With The Stupid Names!

The American Meteorology Society has had enough! “We need to be taken more seriously and these silly names they are coming up with are making us a laughing stock,” said a spokesman, “We are losing our credibility! 94 more words


Hollywood Turns Leaked Photos Into Animation Gold!!!

When life gives you melons, make melonade! Leave it to Hollywood to turn faux embarrassment into animation stardom. Quickly grabbing on to the current publicity, Columbia pictures has signed every actress “victimized”, in the recent hacking scandal, to voice their own toon self in the new “Cloudy With A Chance Of Nude Girls.” Studio execs say, “We gotta strike while these gals are hot! 56 more words


New X-Files Movie in Production. "The Search For Scully's Leg!"

Apparently aliens have stopped abducting people and instead are beaming up individual body parts in this latest X-Files big screen adventure. What is the logic behind this nefarious plot? 57 more words


Martha Dishes On Gwyneth, Blake And Taylor. Oh Those Girls!

Martha Stewart has perhaps voiced a view that many fear to express aloud; that Gwyneth Paltrow should talk a little bit less.

 It would seem that the lifestyle mogul isn’t too impressed with Paltrow’s own similar efforts in… 318 more words

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Rosie Back On "The View." Brings Foot To Lips. Promises To Make It All The Way Soon!

Rosie O’Donnell landed back at The View yesterday, 8 years after quitting the show. In the  interim she has shed over 50 pounds, one wife, and most of her fan base. 179 more words

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