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I Finally Pulled It All Together and Had A Great Run

It was about time! I was starting to get worried after hitting my snooze button too many times and forgetting my sports bra that I wouldn’t be able to pull it all together. 498 more words


Stresss. Gels. Vegetarian.

I would say, nothing gets to me. I like never stress. If I know something bad or stressful is going to happen, than I just think “ehh it will all come together”.  531 more words


What is THAT? Have you ever been asked that question as you whip out what looks like a super-sized ketchup packet, tear it open and squirt something colorful with the texture of honey into your mouth? 256 more words



SO excited to announce OFFICIALLY on the BLOG that TRI4GOGIRL will have a restaurant fundraising night at BISTRO BYRONZ on Monday, October 20, 2014 from 5pm-9pm… 1,332 more words

Andrea Gouaux

Playing with my food

Now that’s something that most people don’t do very often.

But, I’m not most people.

And, I don’t actually mean that I’m playing with my food… I do, however, mean that I am going to be playing around with food(s) that work, and more than likely some that don’t, on my long runs. 437 more words


Are you still a runner if you walk?

Let’s talk about running…and walking.

Old thinking (mine): if you walk, you’re not a runner.

New thinking: do what it takes to survive, even if that means walking. 500 more words