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Salted Watermelon WHAT?!?!

Me, rehearsing my order: “I’ll have one delicious, creamy, luscious, yummy ice cream cone, please.”

{Glances at the longest and slowest moving line in the history of lines.} 540 more words

It's My Way ...

..Nitra dan keluarga mengucapkan Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin, mohon maaf lahir dan batin ..sekaligus mohon maaf buat yang ngirim ucapan via BBM,WA,SMS ,FB yang belum terjawab atau bahkan belum ter-Read …hehehhe…semoga tulisan ini bisa jadi penyambung maaf nitra .. 460 more words


Testing nutrition on a long run!

To end the 10th week of my Half Marathon training, I was tasked with a 16km run.  This was hiked up by 2kms due to me stupidly submitting my obstacle race 7km times, as a true run!  495 more words


Gu.... What the heck is it?!

I’m sure some of you have seen or heard of Gu. It’s an energy gel used for athletics during long trainings. I am a marathon runner (or at least trying to be – Woohoo Chicago Marathon in October!)  308 more words

More Native American Food and Bad Yoga

Hope everyone is doing well! I have a feeling it is going to storm a lot tonight. The air is like soup.


I started the day with yoga and about 20 minutes of necessary foam rolling. 881 more words

Major Breakthrough, Yesterday! I DID IT!

Anyone reading my blog knows I have been CONSUMED with the time limit of this half marathon. Well, yesterday I finally did it. I finally managed the Golden Gate Bridge and the hill leading from the Presidio to the bridge (SF side if you’re not from the Bay Area). 286 more words

Things I'm loving lately

It’s Thursday… but it feels like Friday! Don’t you love those days?

Actually, between the weather and the prospect of seeing my family this weekend, the whole week has felt like vacation. 742 more words