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Guangzhou II

Typically hasty with an initial judgment, a post I wrote about Guangzhou the first time I visited was based largely on a metro exit populated by the homeless and horribly deformed of the city, and was therefore a rather negative interpretation. 461 more words


Honda Fit

Second generation Honda Fit, which was assembled at a Guangqi Honda joint-venture plant in Guangzhou.


Find A Sugar Babe via QQ in Guangzhou

If you are bored and want to have a great companion, finding a Guangzhou escort girl is a great choice. Now, QQ is a convenient way to find your ideal girl, and those girls are also called sugar babies. 199 more words


Cubing Through China (34.1 Ao10)

Badly jetlagged from my trip, I had thrown together pretty hastily the preview of my video with 10 solves across 10 unique locations in China. Somewhat better rested now, I pieced together the footage into a (long) video clocking it with an Ao10 of 34.1 seconds. 220 more words



Earlier this month, I took a weekend trip with two friends to Guangzhou over the Qing Ming (Tomb Sweeping) holiday. Guangzhou, historically known as Canton, has always served as one of China’s most economically important port cities and currently accounts for the majority of the country’s manufacturing GDP. 171 more words

No rise in deals expected at Canton Fair - BUSINESS - Globaltimes.cn

China’s advantage in foreign trade has weakened, and its products have become less popular than those made in Southeast Asian countries due to surging domestic labor costs, said Bai Ming, a research fellow at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation.

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Come on Feel the Noise.

It gets noisy in China.  Mostly, your ears just adjust and you block the disagreeable bits out (although the sound of hocking phlegm resists any filtering).   498 more words