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That is terribly distracting.

An attorney who in specializes in self-defense told me that of the 300 clients who said something to the police before talking to him, only two managed to NOT hurt their case. 540 more words

Six Thousand Details

There are thousands of things that can be used as weapons, and there are lots of ways to use them. –Rory Miller

3.5 Minute Plank. OMG. 263 more words

#6, 20-Dec-2014, Guard pass, Sleeve choke


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오늘은 가드 브레이크 및 가드 패스 위주로 연습함.

1) 클로즈드 가드 브레이크
상대가 클로즈드 가드 채웠을 때 우선 두 팔을 눌러 묶어둔다. 8 more words

Training Journal

Week 37

Side Control to Back Take

Jiu-Jitsu for MMA; Takedown

Daniel Moraes teaches Guard Pass

Michelle Nicolini Leg & Footlocks

A Class with Guilherme Mendes

Guard Pass