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Week 37

Side Control to Back Take

Jiu-Jitsu for MMA; Takedown

Daniel Moraes teaches Guard Pass

Michelle Nicolini Leg & Footlocks

A Class with Guilherme Mendes

Guard Pass

Week 36

Double Overhook Guard Pass with Xande Ribeiro

Leo Vieira – Single-Leg Counter with Triangle

Submission - Neck

Head and arm

Weapons do not change your nature, only your reach and power. –Rory Miller

I have spent the last few weeks wishing I was dead because my allergies are leaving me unable to function. 448 more words

I love getting my tail kicked by Chrisanne.

At (long) range, you are taking fire. You may not know from where in that first instant. Hit or not, you have to MOVE. You were ambushed in this precise spot because it is the best place to kill you. 365 more words

Low budget leg lace

My take on a leg lace as a guard pass or back take.

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