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Cryptic crossword clue of the day 04/23/14

All but two clues. I’m still trying to decide if it’s more frustrating almost to complete a puzzle (like today) or fall so far short that one doubts one’s ability. 92 more words

Brain Teasers

Stemettes in the Guardian

Managing Stemette Jacquelyn wrote a post which has just gone live – check it out on their website.

A couple weeks ago our friend at the Geekettes, Jess Erickson also highlighted us on the Guardian’s Women in Leadership site. Check what she said here.


Secrets (The Guardian Trilogy) Liz Schulte book 6 of 100

Started 04/19/14 finished 04/20/14

Olivia Martin LOVES to people watch, she has a feel for people that most miss, or easily overlook in the busyness of their own lives.   228 more words


Feminine Trees

This tree is in my village, and it just reminds me so much of a female figure.
When you look at all the typical Goddesses that we work with, such as Bast, Hecate, Freya and so on, It’s a shame really that you’re probably missing out on local Goddesses in your own area. 44 more words


Comic panels that make me smile - 1

I love Grant Morrisons work

This is from the Seven Soldiers – Guardian issue 3.
(Sorry I can’t rotate the pic on my phone!!)
The whole series is typical Morrison. 34 more words


Why the nimbys are winning the UK's housing battles, and will it continue?

“Councils bow to pressure from vocal affluent communities while poorer neighbourhoods are excluded from the debate.”

Some of the content of the Guardian article by Colin Wiles, reproduced below, may sound familiar to residents of Canvey Island. 786 more words

New Local Plan