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The 12 Days of Nerdmas: A NerdWifeLife Remix - Day 4

Gimme a beat!

On the fourth day of Christmas,
My nerd love gave to me,
Four Ninja Turtles,
Three wizard besties,
Two Agent Mays,
And a Star Lord in a Groot swing.

Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Dark Ways to Death (Guardians #2)

Dark Ways to Death (Guardians #2)
Peter Saxon | Berkley Books | 1968 | 143 pages

The Guardians, a group dedicated to combating the forces of supernatural evil in the modern world, return to battle a Voodoo cult in the subterranean world below London. 501 more words

Pulp Fiction

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

An excellent movie which pushed all the right funny buttons while still giving a pretty good story.


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More Fire in the Earth

I called FitE. So much drama preceded something I should have done long ago. But such is the nature of the will, I suppose.

I finished Hine’s book. 700 more words

Antic Delights

To the guardians and the caretakers

With all the admiration and thanks that I can muster, this is a gesture of thanks aimed at our guardian angels, our caretakers: those understanding, non-judgmental, and gentle people who stick by those of us who are mentally ill regardless of how hard things get. 523 more words

Bipolar Disorder And/or Depression

Accidental Tulpa and Fire in the Earth

Hine points to relaxation as an essential skill for Chaos Mages to cultivate—itself a magical act.

I spent tonight meditating, aligning.

I called SS and talked sigil magic. 611 more words

Antic Delights

Fire in the Earth, BABALON, towards Chaos

My visualization skills improve again, and in doing so, I think my energy work improves. If nothing else, aligning the triple soul falls into this work. 532 more words

Antic Delights