Money Magazine has honored Sylvia Rudek, a volunteer with NASGA, the National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse. Sylvia Rudek is an amazing woman who has selflessly volunteered her time working with NASGA to help victims of guardianship abuse on a national level.  76 more words


Florida Nursing Home Owner Shield: FL bill 670 a clear violation of federal statute

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The Florida House and Senate recently passed a clearly protectionist bill. Fl 670, meant to shield the owners, investors, managers and other employees and individuals from liability for their failure to protect, and to ensure the well-being and rights of home residents, is a clear violation of federal code regarding these same individuals. 1,183 more words

Guardianship Abuse

We are commodities: The Trafficking of children, the disabled and the elderly

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Marcia Southwick reports on International Convention on Guardianship

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